Anyone got any good grick puns? I feel like there's some joke to be made here, but can't think of anything.

Gricks have 2 aberration HD (ouch), but make up for it with overall okay stats (high strength, dexterity and wisdom, low intelligence and charisma) and no less than five natural attacks (four of which are primary). What's more, these attacks count as magical as a result of their DR 10/magic.

Apart from this, gricks have some natural armor (balanced out by their uncommon body shape), scent, a climb speed and Track as a bonus feat.

What LA to give here? Well, on the one hand DR 10/magic is still relevant at the levels where gricks have it, and their offense is superb (no vulnerability to most DR, strength bonus, lots of attacks that pair nicely with precision damage). On the other hand, aberration HD are bad and having to use a mouthpick weapon later on cuts into WBL.

I think I'm going with +1 LA, with +0 being my second pick. Feedback has not ceased being appreciated since I last stated it was.