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    Gender: Female

    Race: Humanoid Abomination

    Age: 5 technically but is 5'6 and doesn't look that young.

    Description: Anne was created in Skyside Tinker town by an actually rather successful scientist who used the parts from multiple different species. She has the head of a young girl with long, white, wavy hair but the eye of a dragon and demon with the teeth of a vampire. Her right arm is taken from dryad while her left was taken from an Inevitable, her legs are from a satyr, her body is just a bunch of parts stitched together to her female, has a long spiked tail from some sort of reptilian creature and devils wings. When she goes out she wears a maid uniform and collar that shows she is someones property.

    Abilities: Her wings work just fine and she is physically really strong and dexterous. She doesn't need to breath as she is animated by a strange device in her chest that looks like a heart but needs to be recharged after a few days. Anne also has three main appendages for attack, but they eat away at her animator charge fairly quickly and if used to excess she will deactivate.

    Dryad Arm (right): Her dryad arm is laced with poison and can be used to heal and create wards. It grow out rapidly to stab people at long range and also be used to swing herself from sturdy overhangs like a whip.

    Inevitable arm (Left): Her Inevitable arm is her more offensive arm with four different cannons to interchange from. First is a flamethrower with a decent range, second is a sonic disrupter which emits a high pitch frequency that can knocks out living targets that get to close, Third is a shock cannon which fires a single shocking burst similar to a lightning bolt, and finally a Cryo blaster which fires nitroglycerin in high quantities to freeze targets.

    Tail: Tail simply can fire spikes at long range that deliver poison and can be used to whip enemies as well.

    Personality: Anne is a shy and naive young girl. She is loyal to her master and carries out many different errands for him but isn't really evil herself as she is actually quite nice despite her somewhat ugly appearance. Anne is also to curious for her own good as she was created merely five years ago which sometimes get's her in trouble. She is also not a very smart girl.
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