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    Post Warforged Warden Variant: Rat Warden

    Warforged Warden Variant: Vile Warden

    In some cases, Warforged are cast outside of society due to their unusual traits. Those who go on to become Warforged Wardens often find themselves drawn to the shunned and ignoble creatures. They find a kindred spirit in their desolation.

    Alignment: A Vile Warden cannot be Good.
    Hit Die: A Vile Warden has d8 hit dice.
    Saves: A Vile Warden has a low Fortitude save.
    Skills: A Vile Warden gains 6 + Int skills per level (4 at level one). Add the following skills to the Vile Warden's class list: Bluff, Disable Device, Disguise, Gather Information, Open Lock, Search, and Sleight of Hand.

    Class Features
    The Vile Warden has all the standard Warforged Warden class features except as noted below.

    Spirit Animal Transformation: A Vile Warden does not have access to any of the standard spirit animals. Instead, she chooses among the following list. Tiny forms grant an additional +4 Dexterity.

    Angler Fish (No Ironwood): Con (P), Dex (S), Str (T); Small size; Speed 0 ft, Swim 40 ft; Bite (1d6); Dire Angler Fish's Lure ability; Dire Angler Fish's Blindsense ability; +4 racial bonus on Hide checks; +4 racial bonus on Spot checks, suppressed if Blindsense is negated; +8 racial bonus on Swim checks; can take 10 on Swim checks even if threatened

    Bat (No Adamantine): Dex (P), Str (S), Con (T), Tiny size; Speed 10 ft, Fly 50 ft (good); Bite (1d4); Bat's Blindsense ability; Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat (applicable in Warforged form); +4 racial bonus on Spot and Listen checks, suppressed if Blindsense is negated.

    Rat (Any plating): Dex (P), Con (S), Str (T); Tiny size; Speed 20 ft, Climb 15 ft, Swim 15 ft; Bite (1d4) (P), 2 Claws (1d3) (S); Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat (applicable in Warforged form); +4 racial bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks; +8 racial bonus on Balance, Climb, and Swim checks; can take 10 on Climb and Swim checks even if threatened; can use Dexterity bonus on Climb checks if it is higher; can use the run action while swimming

    Scorpion (Any plating): Str (P), Con (S), Dex (T); Medium size; Speed 40 ft; 2 Claws (1d6) (P), Sting (1d8) (S); Monstrous Scorpion's Poison ability; Monstrous Scorpion's Improved Grab ability; +4 racial bonus on Climb, Hide, and Spot checks

    Spider (Any plating): Str (P), Dex (S), Con (T); Medium size; Speed 30 ft, Climb 20 ft; Bite (1d6); Monstrous Spider's Poison ability; +4 racial bonus on Hide, Move Silently, and Spot checks; +8 racial bonus on Climb checks; +10 racial bonus on Jump checks; can take 10 on Climb checks even if threatened

    Uncanny Dodge: At level two, a Vile Warden gains Uncanny Dodge.

    Animal Empathy: A Vile Warden can use Animal Empathy on vermin at a -4 penalty. Vile Wardens who choose either the scorpion or the spider as their spirit animal do not suffer this penalty but, instead, have a -4 penalty when using it on animals.

    Speak With Animals: A Vile Warden can use this ability to speak with vermin.

    Spirit Animal Special Ability: A Vile Warden can choose from the following special abilities.
    Spoiler: Lesser
    Attach (Angler Fish, Bat, Rat): You can clamp down on your enemies like a weasel. You gain the Attach special attack.

    Constrict (Scorpion): You have learned how to squeeze the life out of your foes. You gain the Constrict special attack which deals damage equal to your Claw attack. You deal Constrict damage automatically on a successful Grapple check.

    Deadly Venom (Scorpion, Spider): Your venom is even more lethal. It deals 1d6+1 Con damage (Scorpion) or 1d8+1 Str damage (Spider) and gains a +2 racial bonus on the save DC.

    Feral Weapons (All): Your natural weapons are even deadlier than normal. All your natural weapons increase one die category. (Applicable in Warforged form)

    Ferocity (All): When you are severely wounded, your instincts kick in, and you fight like a cornered animal. You gain the Ferocity ability.

    Hidden Strike (All): You know how to strike from the shadows and attack your opponents' weak spots. You gain +2d6 sneak attack damage with your natural weapons. (Applicable in Warforged form)

    Honed Attack (All): You are skilled at targeting the weak points in your enemies. All your natural weapons gain a critical threat range of 19-20 and deal 3 damage on a successful critical hit. (Applicable in Warforged form)

    Improved Senses (Angler Fish): Your senses are stronger than nornal. The range of your Blindsense increases to 80 feet, and you gain a +2 bonus on Listen and Spot checks.

    Night Eyes (All): Your eyes are well adjusted to the dark. You gain Improved Low-light Vision and Darkvision 60 ft. You also gain a +2 bonus on Spot checks in shadowy illumination.

    Pestilent Bite (Angler Fish, Bat, Rat): You are a plague bearer. Your Bite attack now inflicts the vile fever. The incubation period is 1 day, and it deals 1d6 strength damage and 1d4 constitution damage. The save DC is 10 + 1/2 HD + Constitution modifier.

    Powerful Legs (Rat, Scorpion, Spider): Your legs are stronger and faster than normal. Your base land speed increases by 20 ft, and you gain a +4 bonus on Jump and Tumble checks.

    Predator's Leap (Rat, Scorpion): You have learned how to leap upon your foes with a deadly flurry of attacks. You gain the Pounce ability.

    Prodigious Growth (Angler Fish, Rat, Scorpion, Spider): You are bigger than normal. Your size increases by one stage, your natural weapons increase one die step in damage, and your strength increases by 2.

    Rake (Rat): Your ferocity in battle allows you to get in some extra scratches under certain circumstances. You gain the Rake special attack which deals damage equal to your Claw attack. You can make Rake attacks on a Pounce, and they are considered secondary weapons. You deal Rake damage automatically with a successful Grapple check.

    Streamlined Body (Angler Fish, Rat): Your body was built for speed, and water flows right off of it. Your base swim speed increases by 20 ft, and you gain a +4 bonus on Escape Artist checks.

    Trip (Rat, Scorpion, Spider): You know how to apply your strength and weight to knock down your foes. You gain the Trip ability. It activates off of your Bite attack (Rat, Spider) or Stinger attack (Scorpion).

    Spoiler: Moderate
    Blindsight (Angler Fish): Your senses are keen enough to form a near perfect image of the world around youm Your Blindsense is replaced with Blindsight out to the same distance.

    Charming Lure (Angler Fish): You know how to use your illicium in new and interesting ways. When you use your Lure ability, you can choose to, instead of fascinating creatures, Charm them as the spell with a caster level equal to your hit dice.

    Compact Frame (All): You are smaller than normal. Your size decreases by one stage and your dexterity increases by 4.

    Deft Flight (Bat): You are faster and more agile in the air. Your fly speed increases by 30 ft, and your maneuverability increases to perfect.

    Evasive Maneuvers (Bat): Your aerial acrobatics are incredible to behold. Once per round, when you are attacked in a round in which you moved at least 30 ft, you can attempt a Tumble check as a free action against a DC equal to the opponent's attack roll. If you are successful, the attack misses, and you avoid all damage and effects of it.

    Frenzied Assault (All): You are able to tap into the beast within and attack with greater ferocity. If you have multiple natural weapons, you gain Multiattack as a bonus feat and can make an extra attack with your primary weapon at a -5 penalty. If you only have one natural weapon, then you gain a full iterative attack routine with it.

    Hunter's Stalk (All): You are an expert at sneaking up and ambushing your prey. You gain Darkstalker as a bonus feat, and you gain a +4 bonus on Hide and Move Silently checks.

    Mighty Wings (Bat): Your wing muscles are more powerful than normal. You can carry up to a medium load while flying. You can also flap your wings hard enough to conjure a blast of wind. As a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity, you can create an effect identical to the spell Gust of Wind with a caster level of half your hit dice that lasts for as many rounds as you continue flapping, spending a standard action each turn (maximum of up to Constitution modifier).

    Nature's Freedom (All): You run wild through the outdoors, unhindered by anything. As long as you are in a natural environment, you are constantly under the effects of Freedom of Movement.

    Opportune Strike (All): You can attack your foes at their moment of weakness. You gain the Rogue's Opportunist ability.

    Pack Hunting (Bat, Rat): You are skilled at fighting side-by-side with others and know how to take advantage of your enemies' distraction. When flanking, you gain a +4 bonus on attack and damage rolls, a +2 Dodge bonus to AC, and your critical threat range doubles. This is in addition to the normal benefits of flanking.

    Polar Conditioning (Angler Fish): Your body is adept at surviving in the harshest of arctic environments. You never suffer negative effects for cold weather, and you gain Cold Resistance 30.

    Swallow Whole (Angler Fish, Bat): You have learned how to consume your opponents with one swift gulp. You gain the Swallow Whole ability. Your gizzard deals bludgeoning damage equal to your Bite attack and Acid damage equal to 1d4/3 levels. Your gizzard has hit points equal to 1/8th your hit point total and an AC equal to 10 plus your Warforged armor bonus.

    Trample (Scorpion, Spider): You know how to barrel through enemies, crushing them underfoot. You gain the Trample ability. Damage is equal to twice your Claw attack (Badger, Bear, Tiger, Wolf), Hoof attack (Horse), Bite attack (Snake), Tail Slap attack (Crocodile), or Arms attack (Octopus).

    Wind's Blessing (All): The speed of the wind aids in your attack. As a swift action, you can become Hasted for a number of rounds up to your Constitution modifier. Afterwards, you suffer a -2 penalty on attack rolls, saves, and skill checks for twice that duration. You cannot become Hasted again until the duration on the penalties expires.

    Wounding Attack (All): You know how to rip and tear flesh leaving an even deeper wound. Whenever you hit with a Bite, Claw, Talon, or Horn attack, you deal one point of Constitution damage, Fortitude negates (DC10 + 1/2 level + Strength modifier).

    Spoiler: Greater
    Danger Sense (All): Your instincts have reached an almost supernatural level. You are constantly under the effects of Foresight.

    Destructive Bite (Rat): Your teeth are incredibly sharp and durable. Your Bite attack ignores hardness and damage reduction and its damage increases by one die step. You gain a Burrow speed of 10 feet.

    Dominating Lure (Angler Fish): You can use your sway over the minds of others to control their actions. When you use your Lure ability, you can choose to, instead of fascinating creatures, dominate one creature as the Dominate Monster spell with a caster level equal to your hit dice.

    Nature's Shroud (All): You are protected within the bosom of nature. As long as you are in a natural environment, you are constantly under the effects of Death Ward.

    Perfect Specimen (All): You are the epitome example of your spirit animal. Your size increases one category, your natural weapons increase one die step in damage, your spirit animal bonuses to Strength and Constitution increase by +6 and +4, respectively, and all your spirit animal special attacks that grant a save have their DC increased by +2

    Bonus Feats: At every fifth level, instead of gaining a bonus feat, a Vile Warden can choose to gain +1d6 sneak attack. She can only do this if she has the Hidden Strike special ability.

    Spirit Animal Companion: A Vile Warden gains the following animal companion based on her spirit animal. Angler Fish: Dire Angler Fish, Bat: Dire Bat, Rat: Dire Rat, Scorpion: Medium Monstrous Scorpolion, Spider: Medium Monstrous Spider. For the all of them except the bat, treat the Warforged Warden as being three levels higher for determining their abilities on the table.
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