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    AKA: Ginger Spice among Lucky Charm's superhero team.
    Gender: Feminine
    Race/Species: Nogitsune
    Age: Honeysuckle is an adult.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Black Mana.
    Class/Profession: Honeysuckle has moved on from Assistant Baker and Fuel to become a Power Engineer.
    Power Rating: You wouldn't pick a fight with a poor blind girl, would you? B-, or 3, with a wild destructive power beyond her control.
    Description: Long fox ears (though not competing with those fennec folks) and short-cropped hair of a matching black shade. A particularly pointed nose. A fairly average figure. Two black-furred tails with a bit of white fur at the tip.
    An opaque metal visor of sliding panels and shutters that completely covers her eyes.
    Baggy, shapeless clothes in cooler colors.
    Personality: Honeysuckle is, first of all, a coward. But after that, she's playful, with a full sense of humor. She speaks boldly and isn't afraid to make demands.
    The good blindfold, made of green and secrets.
    A little darkly shining orb.
    All-Seeing Eye of the Dragon - (partially active) Although unable to see shape or color, Honeysuckle has a sense that detects momentum.
    False Fox Light Shining From Heaven - Anything Honeysuckle looks at heats up, combusts, and is reduced to ash. The effect is concentrated at the focal point of her vision.
    Backstory:Honeysuckle's father was, most probably, a sort of fox-spirit. Honeysuckle's mother was, well, her race is not quite clear, but she was married to someone else entirely. When Honeysuckle was born, both relationships fell apart. Years later, her weary mother tricked her devil-fox-child, chained her up, and sold her to a slaver.
    For a while, she was used in an innovative electrical reactor. That, she'll tell you, wasn't so bad. But eventually the place was shut down in a mad science conflict.
    Thereafter she was owned by a collector (fox-things were a dime a dozen, but this one...) and rarely given the opportunity to see anything. Exhibits were treated poorly. In time his fortunes changed and the collection was sold off.
    The next buyer was insufficiently wary and was burned away, allowing Honeysuckle to escape to freedom.
    Eventually, she ended up at the Skullfort with other refugees.
    She went to see Mist alongside Todd and Riades. Was changed to help avoid unwanted attention. At the time, she couldn't imagine there being another kind. Then Todd broke free, and she ended up with the messenger-orb. It tried to do the same thing - take her over - but she put it in its place and did something to it.
    Night at La Fontaine
    Rented a room from Felandria.
    During the blood moon, she felt her orb calling her to open her eyes and look at the sky. She demolished a whole city block and feasted. In the morning, she had a second tail.
    Beach party.
    Joined HALO.
    Worked to cure plagues.

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