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    Default Re: PF - Lists of Undead Creation and Creatable Undead

    So, some strategizing.

    Frostfallen get to keep their SLAs and are created with Animate Dead and are added to that pool of controlled undead. These things please me greatly. The ice and gems will be a minor hurdle to overcome.

    Pukwudgie and Telgrodradt look like the best creatures to hunt down and Frostfallen as they both have Animate Dead as a SLA and are low enough CR to be accessible and low enough HD that one could have multiple.

    Zuvembie is also made via Animate Dead and has Animate Dead as a SLA, but controlling it could be problematic.

    This is of course on top of the classic Bloody Skeleton, Plague Zombie, Juju Zombie, Necrocraft shenanigans.

    Non-Evil Undead Creation
    Amalgam Template (Advanced Bestiary)
    Combines any two creatures. Anything combined with a Construct results in a Construct. So, combining undead with an innocuous but controllable Construct.
    All the Undead superpowers, none of the vile evil.

    Animate Objects
    Whether temporary or permanent Animated Object corpses will probably rot unless magically preserved. Though not technically undead they are technically animated corpses.

    Dirge Bard archetype
    Dance of the Dead (Su): At 10th level, a dirge bard can use his bardic performance to cause dead bones or bodies to rise up and move or fight at his command. This ability functions like animate dead, but the created skeletons or zombies remain fully animate only as long as the dirge bard continues the performance. Once it stops, any created undead collapse into carrion. Bodies or bones cannot be animated more than once using this ability. Unlike animate dead, dance of the dead requires no components and does not have the evil descriptor. This performance replaces jack-of-all-trades.

    Migrus Locker wondrous item
    Essentially your very own dead cat familiar pseudo-lich in a box. Very creepy, very necromancer-ey. Enjoy.

    Makes a half potency copy of an undead, again without the evil descriptor. There is also a Lesser version of the spell and a version of the Alchemist which can make their own Simulacrum which dissolves into fleshy goo when slain. Ew.

    Skeleton Summoner
    Gets a skeleton under your control for a short duration without an evil descriptor
    "Add “human skeleton” to the list of creatures you can summon with summon monster I and “human skeletal champion” to the list of creatures you can summon with summon monster III.
    Once per day, when you cast summon monster, you may summon a skeletal version of one of the creatures on that spell’s summoning list (apply the skeleton template to that creature to create this monster)."

    Trompe L'oeil & Alter Ego templates
    Can be used to make a Construct copy of any Int 3+ Undead. Trompe L'oeil is creatable as is. Alter Ego only with the 'pricing constructs by CR' info from the Building and Modifying Constructs info.

    Options for the Undead
    Consume Undeath (Nabasu feat)
    Improved Death-Stealing (Nabasu feat)
    Possessed Hand feat chain
    Skin Suit feat
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