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    Guardinal, Avoral

    Afore all else, I'd like to apologize for my lengthy absence. I tried to find time to post here, but it just didn't happen.

    Moving on to the avoral; guardians of Elysium! Incarnations of Good! Basically just another bird-person!

    Avoral have 7 outsider RHD, which could definitely have been worse. Their chassis is pretty great, with twenty constitution and dexterity in the twenties and +4s and +6s to other stats. Natural armor is a solid +8, and both fly and walking speeds are high.

    Natural attacks are a bit odd: judging from the statblock and descriptive text, the avoral can only use its claws while airborne and its wings while on the ground. There's also a point to be made that when their wings are out, they lose the ability to wield weapons and the like.

    Oddly enough, the description says Avoral have Tongues, but their statblock makes no mention of such an ability. I guess prospective players of one will have to spend a skill point or two on learning Common.

    Fear Aura, too, is odd. It seems to be a 1/day ability, which makes it a glorified SLA rather than the permanent emanations of terror possessed by devils.

    SLA's are, as is so often the case, a mixed bag. In the end I can't help but consider them on the weak side, though.

    True Seeing at-will is great for reasons I need not explain, especially when most casters won't be getting it for a while. Speak With Animals is pretty outdated, though.

    Finally, there's Lay on Hands, which is pretty great. Allowing you to distribute your own HP in healing each day is simply awesome, and it's even enhanced by some of the LoH-boosting feats and spells out there (such as Action Healing, Touch of Silver, Touch of Restoration...). Going by the official estimates, the ability should, on its own, be enough to completely restore all damage taken in a single encounter.

    So what LA is most appropriate here? I think avorals fit nicely as a +2 (tending towards +1), as is baseline for this kind of outsiders. Feedback is appreciated.
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