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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Raziere View Post
    ......Well it seems to be a method of draining a bunch of things into a singularity......so she and 22 might be the only ones who can at least in this universe/timeline? Question is, is it just a enhanced version of her energy drain as in like a cone, or is it worse and does she start sucking in MATTER to convert to energy?
    Well, that's a bit uncertain, due to the fact that the entire fight takes place in "the void", but I think it's fairly clear it's the latter. It may even be worse than that and actually suck in time itself, but that's just a theory ... A GAME THEORY, THANKS FOR READING.

    Also, starting work on a new character, to join the group during/after the Meal Tournament arc.

    Spoiler: Katnep, aka Kat or Katty
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Species: Nyagato Half-Saiyan

    Spoiler: Description
    Katnep looks like a normal Saiyan girl, save for a few features. She has a large pair of cat ears, matching her ears and tail in a reddish-brown color. Speaking of her tail, it's the same shape as a saiyan tail (though some Nyagato probably also have a similar tail), and it also has the telltail (get it?) rings a Nyagato's tail has. Also, the lower half of her forearms are furry (almost like really long gloves), and her hands are tipped with claws, which is a trait I figure some half-Nyagato have and some don't, like Saiyan tails. She has a medium-length haircut, with the spikiness typical of Saiyan hair, and she has green eyes. She is somewhat tall and mature for her age.

    Spoiler: Personality

    Spoiler: History
    Under construction. Truncated version: Despite having a chef for a mother, her saiyan blood makes her long for combat, causing her to be angry at nyagato culture for their attitude towards the warrior caste. Now that Vodkana is training a saiyan chef(s), she's seeking her out to confront her.

    Spoiler: Abilities
    Power Level: Early Android Saga


    Saiyan Armor (Item)
    Tail Immunity
    Energy Sensing
    Food Ki Sense
    Ki Blast:
    Typically caused by a closed-fisted punch, as opposed to an open-palmed blast.
    Ki Claws: Katnep can imbue her claws with ki energy, causing them to shine with a blood-red glow.
    Ki Beam
    Fast Food Beam
    Rage Ball:
    Gathers all of her energy into a single, giant sphere of rage. Resembles Frieza's Death Ball, only used with both hands. Can be used with one hand, but it's more difficult. Leaves her winded afterwards.
    Stormart Nyagato of Rage: Unlocked by focusing her saiyan pride and rage. Comparable to the kaio-ken, and as such theoretically stackable with super saiyan, if she ever unlocks it. Could also, in theory, be used as a precursor to unlocking super saiyan. Will use this ability early on, but not master it until after extensive training with Vodkana.

    Spoiler: Other information
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