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Thread: How useful is a pillar of ice?

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    Oh, and since the ice sticks around, this may be one of the best ways to generate the ice necessary to make Frostfallen Creatures without traveling to the frozen north or waiting for winter before one has the ability to just teleport up there or travel to the Paraelemental(Quasi?) Plane of Ice.

    Anyone know how much an Ice Spear should weigh?

    It says that they're 10 feet tall and their listed HP is 30, when the value for ice listed is 3 hp per inch of thickness, suggesting that each spear is 10 inches thick, which would give us a cylinder with a diameter of ten inches and a height of 10 feet plus some amount of tapering at some point.

    OTOH, Ice Spears says the ice spears have Hardness 5, while normal ice has Hardness 0.

    Still, 10 feet by 10 inches cylinder gives us ~9424.78 cubic inches of ice. Seems like Ice has a density of 0.03312 pounds per cubic inch. I think you multiply the two numbers, but I'm a bit rusty on the math. That'd give something like ~312.148714 pounds per ice spear, probably round down a bit due to the tapering to a point.
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