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    Guardinal, Leonal

    Lion people this time!

    Leonal are medium-sized outsiders with 12 RHD. Their ability array is awesome, with a whopping 27 strength and their other abilities in the 14-20 range.

    Even with their high strength, Improved grab and Rake probably won't be a major asset. The majority of creatures will be either outgrappling leonals, or completely eluding the attempt. More useful is the built-in Pounce they possess.

    Lay on Hands has decreased a tiny bit in power compared to avorals, though not greatly. Healing yourself up to full as a standard action remains useful, after all. Protective Aura has its uses as Mind Blank-lite and party buffer; Speak With Animals is just fluff at this point (I can count the number of animals with a CR above 12 on one hand).

    Leonals can also Roar, which probably won't be worth the standard action it takes to use. CR-appropriate foes with low HD are rare already, and having a LA on top of that doesn't help. The add-on is just pointless damage.

    Speaking about pointless damage, Leonals get Fireball at-will, along with Detect Thoughts, Wall of Force and Hold Monster. These have been arranged roughly in order of usefulness.

    The other SLA's are both less frequently useable and less useful. Cure Critical Wounds is pathetic next to Lay on Hands and other healing, and the same goes for Neutralize Poison and Remove Disease. Potions of these are what, 750 GP? A 12th-level party can buy/brew a dozen of each in a heartbeat. Heal is useful, though.

    All in all, leonals are like many other celestials: decent bruisers that dabble in healing. Once more, I'd say +2 LA is sufficient here; once more I'm open to feedback.

    Next are hags!
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