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    Default Re: PF - Lists of Undead Creation and Creatable Undead

    Adding more specific creation info to the OP so something had to move.

    Commanding Undead

    Feats to Control or Use Undead
    Align Equipment (Undead Controlling)
    Charnel Soldiers
    Command Undead
    Corpse Companion
    Haunt Scavenger*
    Improved Death-Stealing (Nabasu only)
    Skaveling Companion
    Skin Suit*
    Thanatopic Spell (temporarily lower HD of undead via negative levels for Command shenanigans?)
    Threnodic Spell
    Undead Master
    Vampiric Companion
    Whispering Way Disciple
    *listed for usefulness

    Items that Control Undead
    Amulet of Undead Persuasion (Dhampir)
    Bone Beads
    Bonedancer Bodhran
    Dirgesinger's Choir
    Headband of Knucklebones
    Necrobinding Serum
    Skin Harp
    Symbol of Unholy Command
    Ioun Stone (Amethyst Pyramid)
    Undead Controlling armor

    Monsters with the Command Undead feat
    Khalirai, the Ivory Queen
    Motherís Maw
    Serpentfolk Bone Prophet
    Skeletal Mage

    Monsters with the Command Undead spell
    Adult Umbral Dragon (dragon spellcasting)
    Ancient Umbral Dragon (dragon spellcasting)
    Bloodless Vessel (SLA)
    Ghoul Monarch (sorcerer spellcasting)
    Kaltestrua, Governess of Casnoriva (sorcerer spellcasting)
    Lorelei (SLA)
    Orvian Necromancer (necromancer spellcasting)
    Pukwudgie (SLA)
    Sayona (SLA)
    Shredskin (SLA)

    Monsters with Control Undead
    Devourer (SLA)
    Grim Reaper (SLA)
    Immortal Ichor (SLA)
    Pukwudgie (SLA is Command Undead, Create Spawn refers to Control Undead)
    Tomb Giant (SLA)
    Zahhak (SLA)

    Class Necromancer Options
    Agent of the Grave (prestige class)
    Occult Mystery Capstone
    Knight of the Sepulcher
    Master of the Dead Mesmerist archetype; capstone gets control undead SLA
    Sealbreakers can create Morghs (temporarily)
    Pactsworn Pagan (3rd party) has a variation of wildshape that permits undead forms (if that option is selected)
    Sacred Necromancer (3rd party) can eventually turn any kind of undead they create intelligent
    Undead Lord (cleric archetype)
    Undead Master (wizard archetype)
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