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Well, it's a Wisdom penalty, all my wizards have it and they came out just fine!
The way I see it, there is also a third possibility, where, however unlikely, Cataletta learned in her past that there are no bad people, only people with bad experiences. but at the same time, the evil, too, can return to the path of the righteous, perhaps she even learned that lesson the hard way, but doesn't talk about it. which is why she would make a point to be friendly and open and reinforce her borderline naively optimistic view of life.

either that, or I'm giving this loveable ditz way to much credit but that's the thing - we don't know until we get a glimpse into her truth
Well yeah, Wis-penalty is the crunch. Landing on her head/ upbringing/ her experiences before adventuring would be the fluff explaining the penalty.
Those things don't contradict each other.