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    So yeah, turns out I do have internet right now. Surprise update, I guess!

    Hags come in three flavors, each of which I'll be covering in this post. Apart from their statblocks, the hag entry also describes how they can form coveys, but as it requires three hags I don't think it should affect their LA.

    Annis Hag

    Annises (Annisses? Annes? Anni?) are the physically strongest of all hags, with a whopping 25 strength and Large size. Their other ability scores receive minor bonuses as well, with the exception of dexterity. They are set up for unarmed melee with Improved Grab, Rake, and Rend, but wielding a weapon should be a better use of your limbs, especially later on.

    Furthermore, these hags can cast two SLA's thrice per day. Disguise Self is a bit behind as far as magical disguises go, but at least it'll let you enter towns without getting a mob after you. Note that it lasts for four hours max. Fog Cloud is reasonable BFC, but again; it's been surpassed. Don't waste combat actions on it when the party caster has spells that are superior in every way.

    Finally, annis hags have non-scaling SR, weird DR, and +10 NA. That seems enough for a +0 LA, with a case to be made for +1. I await your feedback.

    Green Hag

    Greens are less strong but far more castery than annis hags, being able to cast a wide range of spells (from Invisibility to Tongues) at-will. They can also weaken people with a touch and mimic animal sounds (one would think Ghost Sound does most of that already). I'm not convinced the extra SLAs balance out the extra HD and lost melee ability of the annis hag, though. -0 LA.

    Sea Hag

    Now this is interesting. Sea hags have a passive mass-weakener (albeit one that hurts friendlies too) and a 3/day SoL/SoD. That's not bad for a 3 HD monster, especially when combined with the great combat stats; a +1 LA will be assigned for now.

    Given the possible exploit of having a party with three sea hags, who then proceed to form a covey and get access to a ton of high-level magic (Forcecage, Mind Blank, Animate Dead, Control Weather) at ECL 4, an asterisk has been added specifically to those monsters. The magic is less disruptive at higher levels, and therefore green and annis hags aren't deserving of an asterisk.
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