Northside - Hydra's End Fountain

The battle with the hydra hadn't happened here, but Malenchar hardly paid attention to that. The city needed patriotic artwork, rationally spread out, and this high street square had seemed a good spot. A marble column rises up, about 3 metres in height and 1 metres in diameter. Sculpted hydra heads are attached to the column at various heights and spacings, as if they were hunting trophies on display. Each head gracefully sprays water into the pool below.

At the lip of the pool, sits a teenage boy named Amatus, perhaps 14 or 15, playing a guitar. He's good - not great, not magically talented, but good enough to bring a smile to the face of many of the passers by. Some of them drop coins into his open guitar case.

As for the boy himself, he appears human at first glance, for he is fair-skinned with tousled black hair. He has a long, straight nose, and full lips. His eyes are deep blue, or perhaps violet, but a closer look reveals vertical slits for pupils. Along his hairline and down his neck runs a line of dark green scales. It's likely they continue under his shirt collar and along his arm because where his wrist is exposed from his denim jacket sleeve, the scales return, scattered along the back of his hands before they peter out.

The last non-human trait would be instantly noticeable to another guitar player. He has an extra joint in each of his fingers. No wonder he can play so well for a boy his age!

The one thing he's not doing is singing to accompany his music. Amatus has passed the phase of puberty in which his voice cracks uncontrollably, but he doesn't think his voice is good enough for public performance.

Currently he's playing "Sound of Silence"