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Demo trial notes

1. Resolution woes. My computer is 1920x1080, and when I ran it in the default 1024x768, it just cuts off half the map with no ability to move around or change the window size to see the rest. Sad pony. Changing it to match 1920x1080 let me see the whole thing though.
Yeah, a lot of woes are unfortunately going to boil down to "this is a prototype, and mechanics are king." User experience is going to be rough for a while, but I'll do the best I can to make it less painful.

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2. Unit movement works. I can move my unit on my turn, and I can move my unit on my turn for the other side, but I can't move the other player's unit. Success there.

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3. Is there any way to get a selection highlight of some sort? It was hard to tell when I had actually selected my own unit. I also can't tell if I'm supposed to be able to select my opponent's unit, and whether doing so is a bug or not. Example: on player 1's turn, I click on the player 1 red square and I can then move it according to country links and port rules. If I click on the player 2 green square during my turn, I can't do anything with it, but I also lose the ability to move the red square around until I click on it again. Not sure if intended.
Aye, that's intended, and would be a lot more obvious with a unit highlight.

To answer the question, it's totally possible, and as I'm typing this I realized there's a stupid easy way to make that happen. Also, in the next milestone, you'll be getting basic unit actions, which means some basic-level unit UI. So you'll clearly see that you have a unit selected because an associated panel will pop up. But yes, I think I can make a really simple unit highlight to make that even easier.

(I originally didn't make one because it was outside the scope of the first milestone, but it's a good usability win with minimal effort, so I'll add it onto the second milestone.)