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So. We need some sort of subsystem by which Bonuses can interact with Technology. I like the idea of breaking it apart, rather than just being a straight “+/- to all passive Bonuses.” Maybe we can look at the Bonuses we have, and find a way to categorize them? There’s bonuses that affect the landscape, bonuses that affect units, bonuses that provide cooldown-based abilities, etc. Each Bonus category/type could be independently affected by Technology. Maybe color-and-shape code them, for ease of use.

Furthermore! There’s already a similar hole in our design in Africa. We need a way for Developing Countries there to provide a benefit to Developed Countries. Why not kill all the birds with one stone? Have the Developing Countries in Africa use the same subsystem that the Technology uses to amp up the Bonuses of nearby Developing Countries. This also serves as a way to show the player that Bonuses do not have static values.
Yeah, this is exactly what I was thinking. We might even notice, in the course of turning them all into Lucky Charms™ that we missed a few things and want to add or vary a few bonuses to interact with other stuff.