Today's update is brought to you by an extremely tired pirate. So tired, that he forgot to post last week's update, and hasn't done it since. Whoops.

Spoiler: End of Day 4 - Milestone 2

No, that's not the image glitching out. That's a scroll-able map. Now that we have more units, real estate was getting pretty crowded. I decided to move all the countries a little further apart, zoomed in, and made a scrolling camera.

You'll also note that there are more units. And they have letters on them! A for Agent, E for Executive, and M for arMy/Military. Agents currently don't do squat, but Executives can Break/Forge links, and Military can claim countries. (Note: When the Military moves off of a Country, it will revert back to unowned.) Also, at Anarion's suggestion, there's a white highlight around whatever unit is currently selected.

With that, we're at the second milestone. We have multiple types of units, and they can perform some basic actions. I'll send out the .exe to folks shortly, then go get some rest. Lots of life stuff happening right now. Progress may slow some.