Testing time! Next feature request: click and drag scrolling. Not that there's anything wrong with scrolling by moving my mouse to the edge of the screen, but I love it when you can treat the map like it's a piece of cloth and use the mouse to scroll while keeping your arrow centered. So, hold down left click on empty space and move mouse to scroll would be lovely (but totally optional).

Another feature request: some sort of highlight of where I can forge links to. I struggled to figure out where I was and wasn't allowed to draw a line or move to with this update. It took me about 10 minutes to get my P1 executive into Egypt, it just wouldn't forge a link there from most places, even ports. I eventually got there from Russia by forging a link, which worked for some reason (though only after several tries of button clicking. Maybe it's being finicky about the actual location of selectable objects?)

Yet another™ feature request: movement waypoints. Click on a country 3 spaces away and my executive will route there through the intervening countries if it's possible to get there (or error if there's no route without need for some other action).

Oooh, holding a country with a military unit makes it match the player color. Fancy.

Didn't find any weird bugs, though I'm still accidentally deselecting things when I move them to a place with other things and accidentally click on the other thing instead. Would probably suggest that "move to space clicked" has a higher priority than "select unit on space" if that's possible to do.