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Been wanting to play a Land Druid because you rarely see one and started doing so theoretic builds.

I am having issues getting a decent AC on one.
They have Barkskin but it's Concentration.

Anything I can do to bump AC to something a bit better than 16?
Play a Lizardfolk land druid with a decent dex score, grab a shield and now you can easily hit 17 without spending a lvl 2 spellslot. (dex 14 +shield gives AC 17, for just 6 point buy points).

Oh, and please remember that opposed to previous editions, you can wear metal armour without penalty and you are proficient in medium armour So you could start saving up for that half plate.

alternatively start as Vuman, take Magic Initiate (Wizard/Sorcerer) and grab Mage Armour as your spell (and gain 2 free cantrips of a decent list as well woohoo!) for basically the same effect...