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Eh, it depends how closely your table follows the fluff attached to the classes. There's that whole spectrum from strict adherence to total disregard and the OP's table might fall anywhere in the mix. Suggesting half plate because there's no mechanical penalty is a reasonable enough thing to do.
Indeed, though to be honest I haven't found a table that really enforces the PHB fluff to the letter (which would include names), hey, to each their own.

By now I feel that the metal taboo on druids is a sacred cow and, frankly, has always been ridiculous: why is metal armour bad (and only sheet meat armour, not studs or anything) but a metal weapon fine?

I mean, to me it's basically equivalent to paladins falling due to alignment, barbarians and bards becoming lawful and thus losing their class features, monks becoming non-lawful and losing their class features and so on: it/s a legacy thing and there for fluff and/or flavour. It is a suggestion you, as a player are free to ignore (barring DM fiat of course, but I see communicating with your DM regarding Character Input And Legality to be pretty much self explanatory). If it's not mechanically enforced it's up for grabs.