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In 1e and 2e, the argument was as follows:
1- Armor making is way more complicated and technologically advanced than most weapon construction; including every weapon that was on the Druid list; so from an anti-technology standpoint it was a lot bigger 'sin'
2- There is a difference between picking up a piece of metal and swinging it around compared to completely covering your body in it in terms of blocking natural energies (which remember armor and magic energies were more of a problem back then)
3- The 'natural spirits' which often empowered Druid magic had lots of rules and taboos which didn't make sense to mortals, metal armor restriction could just be one of them
Well, the fun thing is 3.5 just straight up said "No, druids cannot wear metal armour, if they do they lose all classfeatures derived from the druid class." with no apparent reason past "unnatural stuff". Which is where people scratched their heads thinking "but metal scimitars are okay, well, sure, I guess". 3.5 also had more options for druids to use as material, from iron bark, to dark leaves to dragon hide and so on, so that was only a matter of time (or more accurately: money).

Now I don't know what happened with 4th edition as I did not have contact at all beyond a cursory glance to the races and classes, but 5e now says "well, it's a taboo, not that it matters at all, but it's a taboo because that how it used to be. Now go hike uphill and whack those low level goblins again, like you did at lvl 1".

Which I think is a good step in the right direction but not quite there yet.