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    I finally ran out of space in my sig...

    Copy this to your signature if you love Jade_Tarem, too.

    My Classes/Prcs

    The Quickblade: Time bending Martial Class (PEACH)
    Dragonriders of Kaynn: A BBEG prestige class (PEACH)
    Sun Warrior Vanguard: The Ruby Knight Vindicator for a Lawful Good Deity(PEACH)

    Not exactly Homebrew, but oh well...
    My Contest Entries

    Rakul Indersun, Azer Emperor: Villain Competition XVI Got 5th place


    Quote Originally Posted by Nifft View Post
    "Obviously I can hit incorporeal creatures, I'm a living [Horse] effect."
    This gem (not my game)
    Quote Originally Posted by Dalinale View Post
    "Lockpicking tools come in many forms, including a pump-action grenade launcher." the stallion replied, sounding almost defensive.
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    English is actually a very precise language in a lot of ways, and American English in particular has a habit of following other languages down back alleys, clubbing them over the head, and rifling through their lexicons that I think is very healthy for its evolution.
    My extended signature!

    My PbP info

    78% of DMs started their first campaign in a tavern. If you're one of the 22% who didn't, copy/paste this into your sig.
    Mine started in the battle arena of the capital city