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    Quote Originally Posted by Lombra View Post
    It's called 'roleplaying' and not 'ruleplaying' for a reason: I can roleplay a barbarian as the paladin of a tribe or even a city, the book suggests typical tropes that you could follow, there are no rules on roleplaying by the definition of roleplay.
    Indeed. Flavor part of character classes are more like guidelines to help you flesh out your character if you needed the help, not hardcoded rules you absolutely must abide to.
    There's absolutely nothing in the rules that prevents a Paladin having the Uthgardt Tribe Member background and be played as a "barbarian". Likewise, nothing prevents a Barbarian having the acolyte or even sage background and being faithful or intelligent beyond the trope.

    Also, weirder things have happened than someone believing they are from 18th century earth. In Forgotten Realms, that's actually quite possible, considering that Mulhorand was populated by Ancient Egyptians brought from Earth by the Imaskari Empire.
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