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It came up in another thread that people thought I was joking when I said that Barbarians are uncomfortable when hedged in by walls, and so your Barbarian character feels uncomfortable when hedged in by walls.
Yeah, just no.

MY Barbarian is a city-rat half-breed Urchin who grew up in the slums of the big city. Due to his large size, he was soon muscling his way to the top of the street gangs and was later picked up by The Guild as an Enforcer. His feral cunning is the smarts of the street, his towering rages the desperation of one used to fighting for his life. The city is his turf and he knows it like the back of his hand, from sewer to rooftop. Where is this guy uncomfortable? It's certainly not when surrounded by walls; the walls are his home.

MY OTHER Barbarian is a Dwarf Battlerager and has fought against the encroaching Goblin menace deep below the surface of the world for almost his entire life. He has seen the sun only a handful of times in his life. He's a tunnel-fighter, a cave-dweller...where does he feel uncomfortable?

Shall I continue with just how mistaken using the suggestions offered about each Class as hard and fast rules is? Do you insist that every Bard is a fop minstrel? Every Rogue be a greedy criminal? Every Warlock be a sinister cultist? If you do, you're missing out on opportunities and only doing yourself a disservice.