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I feel that they are suggestions too. Because in the Races section, it explicitly says so. I think it's implicit in the classes section.

That is helpful. Many rules depend heavily on how they are incorporated into the game. Especially suggestions, setting rules, and even frequently roleplaying rules.

But IMO this isn't comparable to various roleplaying rules, including Paladin Tenets, Druid Armor, or even Necromancers creating undead. Because it's implicitly not an actual restriction nor a statement of fact, but rather a suggestion.
Yeah, don't get me wrong, they're only equivalent in execution, not because they're the same thing. If a player and a DM agree on roleplaying or mechanics, fine, but if they don't, negotiations may be in order.

I did forget about the descriptions being explicitly stated as suggestions before the races; that's definitely meant to carry forward and should help with such "negotiations".