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    Quote Originally Posted by Tanarii View Post
    Roleplaying, or in-character decision making, is the antithesis of storytelling, including collective storytelling. And vice versa. If you're trying to do the latter, you can't also be doing the former.

    And the majority of games with roleplaying, as opposed to storytelling, have roleplaying rules of one kind of another. They still get to choose how to control their character ... they just make the choice when they choose to have their character be something (in 5e most of them are class based) that has a roleplaying rule that applies. Edit: Or, obviously, a table can not use the rule. That's always the case, but sometimes I need to explicitly put that in a post, because otherwise people will think I'm saying that's not possible.
    I think this is the most wrong thing that's been said in the thread. Like...all of it. Roleplaying is storytelling. It's telling the story of your character, how they deal with the other characters and the world. If you, as a DM, see it as a problem than that says way more about you than it does about them. As a GM, there is no more important story to me than the players. If I felt otherwise I'd just write a damn book.

    There are no "Rules" to roleplaying. There are conventions. There are accepted areas and limits that are agreed on by table to table. Even 5th Ed. There's no rule saying you can't make a half drow Paladin in 5th Ed, simply things your DM and other players are willing to accept within the fiction. That isn't a Rule. That's the least offensive thing you've said but it's still up there. Just can't....can't get over the thing about storytelling and Roleplaying being on opposite ends of the spectrum.
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