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Tower shields are worth gp. Wooden doors lacking the straps, visor slit, proper balance, and sturdiness to withstand blows to act as tower shields are not worth much. Plus, it would be considered improvised equipment. No where near as effective as an actual tower shield.
I occasionally remind my PCs, we do not attempt to abuse D&D's ludicrously broken economic system (e.g. buying a 10' ladder for 5 cp and converting it to two 10' poles and selling them for 2 sp a piece). This includes trying to pass off random dungeon dressings as things worth money.

As the DM has shown a determination to do extensive re-writes (is just petty and data-minded enough to keep track of everything), they do not want to have to deal with a proper economic system (wherein they actually have to start buying ever little thing, from broken-down to-components trail rations (with expiry times),spell components, maintainance for gear etc etc) do they now...? No. No, they do not...