ah yeah, I don't like the crunch of Exalted either, in any edition. Yes that includes 3e, which IS out. I'm sticking to Godbound.

ok, here is my writeup for Hits' race:
Spoiler: On Hit's Race

Hit from Dragon Ball Super is an interesting fellow. He has a combat-viable time stop technique that is honestly overpowered and game-breaking, mostly because he uses it well. Its the cornerstone of his fighting style, but thats not the thing I want to talk about.

What I want to talk about is his alien species. what Iíve gleaned from various clues are these facts:
-Hitís race can breathe in space

-Hitís race lives to 1000 without any sign of aging. He is clearly an adult, so Iíd estimate that his race has a lifespan in the thousands of years and that he has a long time to live yet.

-clearly not Arcosian, but has similar characteristics. Like what Arcosians would look like without any Bio-Armor.

-most importantly, has this ability natural to him called Improvement, or Growth. Rather than a PL boost or JUST a PL boost, this ability is one that rapidly and permanently improves skill in battle. Their brains are quite simply so adaptive and learn so fast in battle that their skill makes leaps and bounds in their techniques, strategies and control, in seconds.

This is far more interesting to me than his Time Leap technique to me, because it means Hitís Race, which for convenience I will refer to as ďHitfolkĒ until I can come up with something better, evolved in similar but different conditions to Arcosians.

Like Arcosians, they have a biology giving them immunity to the vacuum of space and no hair whatsoever. like Arcosians they seem to age much slower than humanity or Saiyans- Vegeta and Goku grew up and became great fighters over 20 years, yet Freeza didnít change or age one bit.

Unlike Arcosians however, his race canít transform. Hit himself says that he canít become more powerful through transformation, only through Improvement, and that this is the first in a long time he ever had to Improve at all. Which implies something about his race. While Arcosians evolved to be the hardiest people in the galaxy, Hit folk evolved to the fastest learners in a crisis or combat situation.

So Hit folk probably evolved on a similar gas giant to ArcosÖ.but not the same. Its probably something more like Saturn than a Brown Dwarf. One where conditions and dangers are faster changing, less stable and require constant reaction and learning to survive. A planet where if your not constantly learning how to improve yourself every single second, your dead.

So, why arenít Hitfolk just as galaxy conquering and dangerous as Arcosians? because, the Arcosian society is simply more stable. Iíd wager Hitfolk are more nomadic, constantly surviving their own planet and keeping themselves survivors to ever try to become conquerors or travel to other planets, or even set down cities. They donít have time to set down the infrastructure required. They are too busy dodging incoming meteors from the rings around them falling in, sudden storms out of nowhere, lightning storms, furious winds at insane speeds, lightning-fast predators, other tribes of Hit-Folk and so on and so forth. They simply do not have any way of getting off.

Iíd wager that Hit? was just one of them who had become really good at being really fast from dodging everything around him for centuries as well developing a technique to stop time to evade things and by some stroke of luck, found himself off planet. Everywhere else was far more stable and safe in comparison, so his Improvement no longer activated. Lacking any skills other than combat from an environment that can kill you in seconds, he turns to becoming an assassin and finds that stopping time for 0.1 seconds is good enough to do the job.

Soon he travels across the universe, happy that he has a job and experiencing a better life from his job in stable society. But he acquires a reputation as Hit the Infallible, his foes no longer challenge him after a while, and his skills become locked in stasis from not feeling as if he is in danger and thus needing to learn and react fast. He becomes bored without the natural stimulation that his planet provides. His mind basically transforms really fast to be the best it can possibly be, and without a reason to do so, it just settles. and the problem with learning things like that, is that when you have to learn something the slow way it can get much harder for you. I imagine that Hitfolk, while great at learning something in seconds in the right conditions are less well off at studying or practicing. You either Improve your skills in leaps and bounds or learn incredibly slowly at anything which to everyone else is just normal speed, so they don't bother.

Which might lead to interesting education methods. A Hitfolk would learn far better in chaotic high-stress situations than not, so their ideal learning environment would be making everything as fast-paced, quick reaction time and reflexes as much as possible. The best way to teach a Hitfolk the alphabet might be as fast as possible while shouting and flashing the letters before them as fast as possible or something. the best way to teach them facts might be through lightning quick pop-quizzes.

While Iím not sure what to call them, Iím sure they have a name for themselves that translates to something like ďThe AdaptersĒ or ďThe ImproversĒ or something like that. Something to signify their ability to learn incredibly fast.

As for reproduction, such a high-stress, high reaction time environment leaves one wondering how they reproduce at all. Certainly, they don't have time for the usual intercourse methods, that simply takes way too long! So I'm thinking that their reproduce asexually like cells, splitting off 3-4 childlike versions of themselves in one fast burst that lowers their PL a bit and their children use their Improvement to rapidly learn how to survive in their environment or die in less than a minute, during which time they will probably mutate in a way to differentiate themselves from their predecessor.

Thats my write up of them, tell me what you guys think of it, I'd like hear your thoughts.