The Talariic Abomination

NE Advanced Sentry Flotsam Ooze War Mind 5/Cleric of Shothotugg 3/War Mind +4

Spoiler: Backstory
"Fragments of the Talariic codex have been found carved in buried skulls, engraved in stone slabs, and even worked in the design of potent magical glyphs. More often than not, these texts predate the known humanoid civilizations by millennia.

The obvious question then being:
what wrote them?"

Deep beneath the earth, in dead cities older than the gods, the aboleth lie waiting. Immortal and patient, they know that one they their chance to rise and rule the world once more will come.

But sometimes, this patience suddenly melts away, and an aboleth sets about accomplishing something great. It becomes obsessed by the alien aboleth gods, trying to honor them in its own twisted ways. Often, it dies of starvation or exhaustion before completing their works.

The aboleth that created the Abomination was no different. It had filled a basin with acidic ooze. It had given it a mind, if only be fusing the minds of a hundred sacrifices together. It had imparted upon it some instinctive urge to kill, to maim, to grow stronger. And as it felt its consciousness fading, it threw itself into its creation, joining it in death the moment it was freed from domination.

The other aboleths tolerated the being. After all, it seemed content to slither through their caves and eat the occasional bat. Some aboleths even took a perverse pleasure in watching it slowly kill its prey, mauling their bodies until they could barely be called alive and only then dissolving them.

But as it continued to feed, the abomination slowly grew, and the aboleth became worried. After all, the Eater of Worlds was not known to spare any from its destructive urges: why would this imitation be any different? Certainly it was only a matter of time before the abomination would start to see them as prey, too.

Worried of what would happen if they killed or enslaved it, the aboleth lured the ooze far from their city, collapsed the tunnel behind it, and placed glyphs to prevent it from returning. And indeed, they never saw it again.

But as it hungrily wandered through passages unknown, the abomination noticed something new: light and warmth. Curious, it slithered towards these sensations.

It was then that the Abomination spotted a group of beings it had never seen before. Rather than crawl or slither, they walked upright on two legs, with two other limbs holding bits of metal and wood. Their skins were strangely colored and ill-fitting, their eyes small and vulnerable.

The Abomination attacked immediately. A pseudopod lashed out and took down several of the creatures, but more remained standing.

The Abomination's form tumultuous, it devoured several of the bats stuck to it. Stirred by the exhaustion of their minds, several more pseudopods sprouted and smashed into the remaining humanoids.

For a moment, the goo-covered monstrosity stood silent, observing these interesting new creatures. Then, it began to ooze up the passage they seemed to have come from.

Perhaps there'd be more food up there.

Spoiler: Ability Scores
Starting array:
STR: 15
DEX: 14
CON: 10
INT: 8
WIS: 13
CHA: 12

Flotsam ooze adjustments:
STR: 19
DEX: 14
CON: 22
WIS: 3
CHA: 2

Sentry ooze adjustments:

STR: 19
DEX: 20
CON: 22
INT: 2
WIS: 13
CHA: 12

STR: 43
DEX: 16
CON: 34
INT: 2
WIS: 13
CHA: 12

The Abomination's 30 HD give it seven ability score increases. These are assigned as such:
4: Intelligence
8: Strength
12: Wisdom
16: Strength
20: Strength
24: Intelligence
28: Strength

Final ability scores:
STR: 47
DEX: 16
CON: 34
INT: 4
WIS: 14
CHA: 12

Spoiler: Build Table
CR Class Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Skills Feats Class Features
2 Flotsam Ooze +1 +0 +0 +0 - - Adhesive, 60 ft. Blindsight, Transparent
4 Sentry Ooze +1 +0 +0 +0 Knowledge (History) +2, Knowledge (Psionics) + Power Attack Spell Resistance
8 Advancement (+16 HD) +13 +6 +6 +6 Knowledge (Psionics) +7, Listen +1 Cleave, Subduing Strike, Great Cleave, Wild Talent, Extend Spell, Persist Spell Gargantuan size
9 War Mind 1 +14 +8 +8 +6 Psicraft +1 - Chain of Personal Superiority +2, Manifesting
10 War Mind 2 +15 +9 +9 +6 Psicraft +2 - Chain of Defensive Posture +2
11 War Mind 3 +16 +9 +9 +7 Psicraft +3 Fast Healing Enduring Body (DR 1/)
12 War Mind 4 +17 +10 +10 +7 Psicraft +4 - -
13 War Mind 5 +18 +10 +10 +7 Autohypnosis +1 - Sweeping Strike
14 Cleric 1 +18 +12 +10 +9 Concentration +1 Divine Metamagic (Persistent Spell) Domains (Ooze+Pain), Rebuke Undead, Spellcasting
15 Cleric 2 +19 +13 +10 +10 Concentration +2 - -
16 Cleric 3 +20 +13 +11 +10 Concentration +3 - -
17 War Mind 6 +21 +14 +12 +11 Concentration +4 Practiced Manifester Enduring Body (DR 1/)
18 War Mind 7 +22 +14 +12 +11 Concentration +5 - Chain of personal superiority +4
19 War Mind 8 +23 +15 +13 +11 Concentration +6 - Chain of defensive posture +4
20 War Mind 9 +24 +15 +13 +12 Concentration +7 Expanded Knowledge (Share Pain) Enduring body (DR 3/)

Spoiler: Psionics and spells
Power Points:

9 3
10 11
11 12
12 18
13 25
17 34
18 44
19 55
20 67

Powers Known:
Level 1: Expansion (9), Grip of Iron (10)
Level 2: Share Pain (20), Strength of My Enemy (12)
Level 3: Dimension Slide (17)
Level 4: Psionic Dimension Door (19)

Spell Slots:

CR 0 1 2
14 3 2+1 -
15 4 3+1 -
16+ 4 3+1 2+1

The Abomination's domains are Ooze and Pain. Its domain slots are usually filled with Grease and Sadism.

Spoiler: Build Write-ups
Spoiler: CR 4
"The perfect offense is absolute. It is a fire that burns all, a flood that washes all away, a storm that strips bare the land. It is not swayed by sword or spell, but singular and unstoppable."

-The Talariic Codex

A Flotsam Oozes's Adhesive ability is quite confusing. As written, stuck opponents can't get free while the ooze is alive, written in a way that implies teleportation doesn't work either.

Interestingly, it seems to override Freedom of Movement as well, as no grapple check is needed to grapple a creature and checks to escape can't succeed by virtue of Adhesive's wording.

Soap may dissolve the adhesive, but how many adventuring parties both carry soap and know to apply it? Even then, a +9 check ought to make escape hard.

That said, the Abomination isn't that interesting at these levels yet. It's small and smart enough to ambush people, so perhaps have it adhere to one of the party's smaller members and then attempt to flee underwater.

Spoiler: CR 8
"The joy of battle is what spurns a warrior. Let each swing of the sword lend power to the subsequent! Let each conquest be a step towards the next! Let each broken body be a warning to those opposing you!"

-The Talariic Codex

Sixteen extra HD have greatly increased the Abomination's SR. From now on, it'll be equal to its CR+12: more than able to stop a fair deal of incoming spells, at least until opponents figure out it has SR.

With more BAB, strength, and size modifiers, its ability to grapple has gone up tremendously, with a +42 grapple modifier at CR 8. Whoever it slams is just going to get dragged along for the ride.

However, damage output is lacking with a single attack per round. That's where some of the newly gained feats come in! With Subduing Strike, the Abomination can knock out small creatures (I recommend bats or toads) and attach them to its body, allowing it to attack them again (seemingly without requiring an action) each round. Whenever it wants, it can make such an attack lethal, kill the weak cretin, and Great Cleave a more dangerous foe. With a single bat or toad weighing less than an ounce, the Abomination can drag along hundreds, if not thousands, of them.

Spoiler: CR 13
"The warrior does not do battle, he is battle. Where the common man must fight mindset and belief to harm another, the warrior's state of being is already focused on combat, and bringing this might to bear requires but a subtle shift in posture."

-The Talariic Codex

Thousands of attacks per round is fun and all, but having to renew your supply of weak animals afterwards is kind of a pain. Fortunately, Sweeping Strike turns every attack the Abomination makes (yes, including the free adhesive attacks) into a two-square-affecting blow. This means that it can now make as many attacks as it has attached creatures, each round.

Some sturdier creatures may be preferable over bats by now, though. Ideally they have many HP, but a low weight and bad grapple checks: maybe ambush a gnomish adventuring party.

War Mind has also brought some other goodies. Expansion lets the Abomination grow to Colossal size, Grip of Iron boosts its grapple checks even further, the various mastered Chains are good in-combat buffs, and Strength of My Enemy lets it drain a point of strength from a helpless attached creature each round, letting it grow stronger over the course of a fight.

Also, Fast Healing will help the ooze recover from fights and be slightly harder to take down.

Spoiler: CR 17
"Do not love the causing of pain, for love distracts from battle."

-The Talariic Codex

Essentially limitless attacks are nice and all, but don't forget accuracy! By Persisting Sadism, the Abomination gets approximately +4 to attack rolls, skill checks and saving throws for each attached creature, not including the damage dealt to nonattached beings.

Blood Wind, though not Persistable, gives the Abomination an attack option to use at range. Adhesive should theoretically carry over on such strikes as well.

Finally, it is worth noting that with the Ooze domain, the Abomination can command other oozes.

Spoiler: CR 20
"A warrior carries the world upon his shoulders, and unthankfully it strikes at him. Does he not deserve to return that pain?"

-The Talariic Codex

No big tricks here, though Dimension Slide and Dimension Door do provide some additional movement options. In addition, the Abomination now has enough power points to be permanently Expanded.

Expanded Knowledge gets it Share Pain, which can be used on an unconscious (and therefore willing) attached creature. As long as the chosen victim is a bit sturdy, this doubles the Abomination's HP (as if it didn't have enough already).

Spoiler: Using the Abomination
What motivation to give a pseudo-divinely-inspired, aboleth-made ooze? There's a few.

One could run the Abomination as any other hungry monster, just killing people until some adventurers stop it. In such a case, I suggest adding a tactical element by having one of the adhered creatures be some kind of plot-relevant NPC. This forces the PCs to be careful with AoEs and forces them to act quickly should the ooze flee into a body of water. Alternatively, the Abomination may instinctively recognize the PC's as prime victims (seeing they are tough yet lightweight) and attempt to add them to its mass.

Alternatively, the Abomination may still be connected to the aboleth colony it sprouted from. Perhaps it's simple muscle used by the psionic slime-slugs, or perhaps it is motivated by whatever dark intellect possesses it. Used in this way, the Abomination can be part of any of the possible aboleth plots.

Finally, there's the option of fluffing the Abomination as one of the many ways used by Shothotugg to destroy worlds. A mortal mind is made to create a small replica of the being, which slowly grows and matures until it assimilates its homeworld's biomass, shatters the planet, and becomes another world-eater. The PCs must stop it to save not just their, but many other planets as well.

Spoiler: Sources
Cleave, Cleric, Extend Spell, Great Cleave, Persist Spell, Power Attack - PHB
Flotsam Ooze - FF
Sentry Ooze - Dun
Expanded Knowledge, War Mind, Wild Talent - EPH
Shothotugg - LoM
Subduing Strike, BoED
Fast Healing - ELH
Divine Metamagic - CD
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