CE Mistling Half-Fey Sylph Mindbender 7

from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Opening Title Sequence by Blur Studios
Spoiler: Background
Magic is nice, isn't it?

I'm sorry, let me correct that: magic is great, isn't it? Just look at how it revolutionized our world became: agriculture, health, industry, communication, religion, transportation, and hundreds other things that you can name, and thousands more that you might not even know. It is so deeply integrated and so essential to our society that one might even find it hard to imagine a world without one.

Indeed, thanks in no small part to magic, the world has become a complete paradise.

Again, I'm sorry, let me correct that: the world has become almost a complete paradise. You know, it would be easier to call the blasted landscape a mere blemish on this map, if it wasn't the size of an entire country. This land's the shadow of a bleak past, a remembrance of what can happen when dangerously escalating levels of magic became wielded as weapons, a reminder that magic the power it has to destroy is just as much, if not moreso, as it has to create.

Don't you find it strange that even with all our magic, the world at large still doesn't know exactly what happened there? What do you mean, you "didn't even know magic caused it"?

Alright, let me just clarify that I'm not advocating for anything. But listen closely. I know a little secret..

Being built and flavored from Eberron material, Consequences easily fits right in to the setting as a mysterious entity from Mournland. A feyfolk whose mind, body, and spirit, were twisted beyond recognition by powerful wild magic that has engulfed the country on the Day of Mourning, she now haunts the lands in what seems like a revenge-driven cause to grind the progress of magic, if not eradicate it completely. When positioned that way, one might say that Consequences is an antithesis to one of the setting's cornerstones and arguably its spirit.

Joining her cause are her living ichors of raw magic. Perhaps ironically or fittingly, depending on one's perspective, these are spells that have taken lives on their own, whose origins of mutation can no doubt also be traced back to the horrible fallout on the Day of Mourning. As with most feyfolk, beguiling and compelling creatures into doing her bidding are also valued options, especially useful in situations where the minimum amount of people wields the biggest political sway. For someone who's oozing with so much charisma, being a slimeball is an easy path to power. Together, Consequences and her thralls rid the world of magic users, either by sheer force, by the power of the law, or by permanently suppressing one's magical abilities.
Spoiler: Crunch
Build Stub
Elite Array: STR 8, DEX 10, CON 13, INT 14, WIS 12, CHA 15
Racial Adjustment: STR -2, DEX +2, CON -2, INT +4, WIS +6, CHA +6
Template Adjustment: STR +2, DEX +2, WIS -2, CHA +4
HD Increase Adjustment: CON +1 (@16), CHA +3 (@4/8/12)
Ability Score: STR 8 (-1), DEX 14 (+2), CON 12 (+1), INT 18 (+4), WIS 16 (+3), CHA 28 (+9)

CR Class BAB Fort Ref Will Skills Feats Special
5 Sylph 3HD 3 3 3 3 Balance 3cc, Bluff 3cc, Concentration 6, Diplomacy 3cc, Escape Artist 6, Intimidate 3cc, Knowledge(Arcana) 3cc, Move Silently 6, Sense Motive 3cc, Spellcraft 3cc Eschew Materials, Still Spell sorcerer 7 (4+HD) casting, SLAs
6 Half-Fey
3 3 3 3 fey type, lowlight vision, immunity to enchantment spells/effects
8 Mistling
3 3 3 3 Conjure Living Spell 1/d, SLAs, immunity to disease/poison/polymorph, madness, misty aura, SR18 (HD+10), DR5/cold iron and magic, natural armor +2, aligned strike (chaotic), magic strike, poison 1d3 Dex damage
10 Sylph 8HD
8 6 6 6 Balance 5cc(+2), Bluff 5cc(+2), Concentration 11(+5), Diplomacy 5cc(+2), Escape Artist 11(+5), Hide 7, Intimidate 5cc(+2), Knowledge(Arcana) 5cc(+2), Move Silently 11(+5), Sense Motive 5cc(+2), Spellcraft 5cc(+2) Silent Spell sorcerer 12 (4+HD) casting
11 Sylph 9HD
9 6 6 6 Bluff 6cc, Concentration 12, Diplomacy 6cc, Escape Artist 12, Hide 12, Intimidate 6cc, Knowledge(Arcana) 6cc, Move Silently 12, Sense Motive 6, Spellcraft 6cc Extra Spell sorcerer 13 (4+HD) casting
12 Mindbender 1 9 8 6 8 Diplomacy 12(+6) Telepathy
13 Mindbender 2 10 9 6 9 Spellcraft 12(+6) Push the Weak Mind 1/day, Skill Boost
15 Mistling
(CR increase)
10 9 6 9 DR10/cold iron and magic
16 Mindbender 3 10 9 7 9 Diplomacy 15(+3), Spellcraft 15(+3) Extra Spell Mind Read 2/day
17 Mindbender 4 11 10 7 10 Concentration 16(+4), Diplomacy 16, Spellcraft 16 Eternal Charm (1)
18 Mindbender 5 11 10 7 10 Sense Motive 12(+6) Push the Weak Mind 2/day
19 Mindbender 6 11 11 8 11 Concentration 18(+2), Diplomacy 18(+2), Spellcraft 18(+2) Mindsight Eternal Charm (2), Enchantment Spell Power +2CL
20 Mindbender 7 11 11 8 11 Concentration 19, Diplomacy 19, Sense Motive 15(+3), Spellcraft 19 Mind Read 4/day, Dominate
Spoiler: Spells / SLA
Spells per Day
CR Sorc
0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
8 8 6 6 6 5 3 - - - - -
9 10 6 6 6 6 5 3 - - - -
10 12 6 6 6 6 6 5 3 - - -
11 13 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 4 - -
12 15 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 4 - -
15 16 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 5 3 -
16 18 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 5 3
17 19 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 4
18 21 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6

Spells Known
CR Sorc
0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
8 8 Arcane Mark, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Ghost Sound, Mending, Read Magic, Prestidigitation, Silent PortalSpC Blood WindSpC, Grease, Resinous TarCM, Sticky FloorRotD, True Strike Alter Self, HeroicsSpC, WraithstrikeSpC Dispel Magic, Heart of WaterCM Minor Creation - - - - -
9 10 StickSpC Shatter Arcane Sight Polymorph Magic Jar - - - -
10 12 - - Ray of Stupidity Amorphous FormSpC(replace Dispel Magic), Dispel MagicCM Caustic MireCM, Favor of the MartyrSpC, Extra Spell Arcane FusionCM Antimagic Field - - -
11 13 - - - - CelerityPHB2 Viscid GlobSpC Geas - - -
12 15 - - - - - Miasma of EntropySpC Ooze PuppetSpC Energy Transformation FieldSpC, Limited Wish - -
13 16 - - - - - - - Body Outside BodyCAr, Extra Spell Greater Arcane FusionCM -
16 18 - - - - - - - Reverse Gravity Avascular Mass Replicate CastingSpC
17 19 - - - - - - - - Discern Location Wish
18 21 - - - - - - - - - Gate

Spell-like Abilities
CR Spell-like Ability
6 Improved Invisibility at will, Summon Monster VI (large elemental) 1/d, Charm Person at will, Faerie Fire or Glitterdust 1/d, Detect Law 3/d, Sleep or Enthrall 1/d
8 Obscuring Mist 3/d, Tasha's Hideous Laughter 1/d
9 Protection from Law 3/d, Tasha’a Hideous Laughter or Suggestion 1/d, Confusion 1/d
10 Confusion or Emotion 1/d, Baleful Polymorph
11 Eyebite or Lesser Geas 1/d, Dominate Person or Hold Monster 1/d, Phantasmal Killer 1/d
13 Dominate Person or Hold Monster 1/d, True Seeing 3/d
17 Mass Invisibility 1/d, Baleful Polymorph 3/day, Polymorph any Object 1/d
19 Geas/Quest or Mass Suggestion 1/d, Insanity 1/d
Spoiler: Usage and Highlights
Despite being closely married to the Eberron flavor, Consequences could just be as usable in any setting as it was in Eberron, provided it has the same central conceit befitting her name: Consequences is a byproduct of extreme concentration of powerful magic, that which is tied to a cataclysmic event brought about by the mortal races themselves. However, using Consequences against a party of much lower optimization level than her isn't suggested, although those closer to her should do fine considering her poor spell choices.

In combat, while she can hold opposition on her own, she works best while Magic Jar is in effect with her Living Spell, as this allows her great stats cover the ooze's weak spots, including hitting the target with the slam attack. At later levels, she also gets her main combo by being inside a Living Spell hit with an Energy Transformation Field slam

Consequences' goal at this point seems pretty clear. She assassinates criminal magic users and charms (at will) people of power to rally against her somewhat-justifiable cause of stricter policies against criminal magic users and tighter regulations to prevent magical arms race against them. Over time, with less magic available, it will be increasingly easier to either broaden the scope of who gets affected by the antimagic laws or broaded the scope of what constitutes crime (like including using X magic, for instance).

Like her motives and plans, her methods are also straight-forward. Diplomacy and at will Charm for controlling folks, then easy assasination due to Ooze mobility + Improved Invisibility + spells. Her top Living Spell options at this level would be Antimagic Field and Minor Creation (for poisons). She has Wraithstrike, True Strike, and Heroics to get a Slam attack hit, Bloodwind to cover ranged weakness (throwing globs of slime), and various amounts of slime-themed spells to slow her victims down. Watch out for synergies, like Resinous Tar inceasing Sticky Floor and Engulf DCs.

CR15 (Sweet Spot)
By now, it's expected that she'll be getting plenty of support from jurisdictions under her pawns, especially the power-hungry mundanes that she convinced would benefit the most from having magical activities shutdown. They don't necessarily have to issue an open declaration against all magic users, majority of which are low-level crooks that are already imprisoned, but they would all have to be mobilized by the time she makes her grand attack.

With enough information gathering, the PCs would be able to uncover information on how Consequences came to be. During the Last War, majority of the mortal races were focused on the war efforts, directing and focusing their powerful magic at the heart of conflict that became the blasted wastelands; it turns out that the concentrated magical activity caused the apocalyptic disaster that ended the war and gave birth to the twisted inhabitants of that place, not unlike how a magnifyng glass would ignite a section of a paper where it was focused on. It's possible that Consequences may just be removing magical activity everywhere else to monopolize it and replicate the disaster somewhere (perhaps one of the rival nations?).

It's fair to say stopping magic from being used in a setting where magic is integrated even in the lives of the average folks might be crazy, but Consequences is just that. Furthermore, Consequences has the wile and charms to accomplish her goals when killing random casters simply won't cut it. With Telepathy and practically at will Geas, her fine social manipulations will even be more sophisticated.

Combatwise, we've come to the meat of the build, with opening up Limited Wish and Energy Transformation Field as Living Spell options. The first one gives all sorts of spell versatility for practically at will (per slam) Limited Wish for area and effect spells. The second one gives as the meat of Consequences power going forward, as explained:
Spoiler: Living Energy Transformation Field tricks
Magic-use Suppression
A creature slammed by a living spell is treated as though within the area or effect of the associated spell. For instantaneous spells, it just happens per slam and we're done. For spells with limited duration, such as Acid Arrow from the Wizards web article, it apparently runs the entire duration. For Energy Transformation Field (ETF), it will absorb and negate any magical ability used within the area, such as spellcasting, and it will run the entire permanent duration.

Furthermore, since Living Spell's wording is that the creature is "subjected to the normal effect of the spell or spells
making up the creature, as if it were within the area or effect", the spells' effect will actually take effect on the creature instead of a stationary specific point in space.

This isn't as bad as it sounds, since, based on the spell's wording, any spell cast from outside and into the area still works, so buffs and healing magic from others (provided there are others) will benefit the creature.

ETF + spells
Now, we look at spells to link to ETF, in case your foe still tried using his magic. ETF + battlefield control are pretty straightforward. ETB + Minor Creation means your foe will be showered with plant-based poisons. ETF + Geas means your foe will be compelled to follow your order. ETB + Body Outside Body means your foe will have CL/5 copies of your possessed living spell going after him for 1 minute at a time.

ETF + GAF (Greater Arcane Fusion)
Another Living Spell that you're currently possessing will be the one slammed by the Living ETF+GAF. You can have 2 Living Spells at a time due to the 16 hour duration, so this is possible. Everytime the living ETF (or you, if you now possess it) uses magic, it will be absorbed as spell levels.
Use at-will Improved Invisibility on two successive round (4x2=8) to trigger the ETF. This leaves it with 1 spell level (8-7=1) and gives you the GAF effect
Use GAF to cast [Favor of the Martyr + Arcane Fusion (Celerity + any L1 spell)].
With another standard action now and next round, repeat Improved Invisibility twice for another trigger (9-7=2) leaving you with 2 spell levels and another GAF effect.
Use GAF to cast [Celerity + Arcane Fusion (Celerity + any L1 spell)], giving you 1 free spell and 2 standard actions in the same round.
Use at-will Improved Invisibility twice for another trigger (10-7=3), giving you another GAF to loop steps 5 and 6 as much as you want on the same turn. Do note that leftover spell-levels will eventually give you arbitrarily number of triggers for GAF
Use arbitrary amount of leftover GAFs to basically cast any spell of 7th level or lower multiple times in a round for free via GAF. You can use this to renew Favor of the Martyr, or get standard actions with Celerity for doing something else like move or attack. Do note that you still can't cast spells the normal way due to ETF, which means no 8th-9th level spells as long as you possess the Living Spell.
An alternate route to do this is to cast Heroics first to get the Child of Shadows stance before being slammed by the Living ETF+GAF. This way, activating the supernatural stance will trigger ETF and add spell levels equal to your HD (11), at a cost of only a swift action every round.

at will spell "passive effects"
Disrupt Undead: destroy all undead
Shatter: destroy all nonmagical objects 10lbs/CL
Arcane Sight: detect all spellcasters
True Strike: +20 to all attack rolls, and ignore concealment
Wraith Strike: melee attacks all hit touch AC
Ray of Stupidity: +X int damage
Heart of Water: passive Freedom of Movement
Minor Creation: poison sludge everywhere
Polymorph: change form anytime (usually outside combat)
Ooze Puppet: autocontrol any ooze
Geas: autocompel creatures
Dispel Magic: dispel everything with CL below 15 (foe CL + 11 VS CL16 + 10)
Body Outside Body: arbitrary amount of noncasting Living Spell clones
Grease: 1/2 movement, autodrop held items, autoprone creatures, Balance check to move
Resinous Tar: 1/2 movement, -5 to Escape Artist & Grapple, full-round to pick weapon up, STR check to stand
Sticky Floor: 1/2 movement (entangle), Ref check per round or can't move, Escape Artist or STR check to move
Caustic Mire: 1/2 movement, 1d6 acid damage per round

With the last 3 spells all active, one square costs 40 feet, possibly with standard action just to break free or stand up
Since she prefers not killing important people who may still be of use to her outside, she usually possesses a Living ETF+Geas to just use them as her pawns.

By now, she should have made her grand attack using her clones, sweeping the mortal world clean of magic users while simultaneously compelling those that she already disabled with ETF to join her. She might even gather groups of civilians (including d4 casters who can't cast) as shields to outmaneuver her foes.

If the PCs were unable to stop her, Consequences will indeed replicate the disaster that struck her homeland years ago. Finally, she gets access to the most powerful of spells, including Replicate Casting that enables here to get much more variety Living Spells, Gate that can forcibly send anyone anywhere, and Wish, the mightiest of all. With all her living spells and clones saturating their energy-transformed power, Consequences will have enough powers to cause the disaster, although it'll be too late for her to find out it's at the expense of her own life.

Contrary to some beliefs, however, Consequences isn't out for revenge and never intended to "nuke" the rival nation that destroyed her homeland. Instead, she will set it off at the heart of the wilds, were majority of her fellow feyfolk live. In her deranged and broken brilliance, she wants nothing more than to share to her brethren the same magnificent power that was bestowed upon her by the disaster.
Spoiler: References
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