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May you always make your saving throw.
And may you always confirm your critical hits . *accidentally starts edition war*
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It's a figure of speech.
That's really what tkuremento was referring to when he was harping on about you mentioning "peeing on someone"? I thought the OP contained something akin to advising that if the DM didn't let you wear metal armor you should... well, you get it. He's going on and on about a figure of speech??? It's incredible how perfectly useless all of this debate is. I mean... I enjoy pointless debating as much as the next person, but typically people are on different sides.

Here, DBZ and Zoat have multiple exchanges before one asks "Hey um... what's your actual opinion? Thanks!" and tkuremento is complaining about a figure of speech that was used. Lmao, I think I should go read the previous thread to see what's driving this behavior. Seems like it will be interesting.