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I wholeheartedly agree. It fits with the ideas behind the game, and it fits in the general feel of the game too. I once heard the corporate response to environmental preservation likened to a game of chicken; the longer certain players wait before acting on it, the more profit they make, but the greater they risk blowing everything up. If that doesn't fit in this game somewhere, I don't know what does.

No ideas as to the implementation yet.
Actually, that does give me a pretty good idea. Make it one of those "build a technology that doesn't improve anything else" kind of things. Like having to waste time building entertainment in Civilization or police and medical services for your Sim City. If you make it something that doesn't improve productive aspects of the map, people will put off building it as long as possible because everyone who plays a strategy game ever tries to invest as much as possible in improving their resource production and long-term prospects early. But if they don't invest before it's too late, bad things happen. Kinda like having better air power researched on time in X-COM.