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    Catalogue of Amenities

    The strange, magical effects that a proprietor can infuse into his holdings and property are called Amenities. They are complex supernatural effects that take a wide variety of shapes and forms and usually have associated spell schools and subschools, referencing the type of magic involved into applying their effects.
    Spoiler: read more

    There are a number of different types and categories of Amenities. Many Amenities do not have a cost to apply their effects and instead work on their own provided their stated conditions are met. Others require action by another party to employ and consume Hearthstone charge in the process. Sometimes there is overlap between the two, but the general rule is this: creating the Amenity doesn’t cost anything other than the action spent designing or willing it into existence. If it doesn’t have a charge cost, it will turn itself on. If it requires charge to use, it simply is there, but a mundane furniture item or decoration, until you provide Charge, in which case, it activates.

    Aside from that, there are 6 overarching categories fit in, referring to the way they are employed.
    Unless otherwise stated, Amenities cannot be taken out of the property for long.

    Furniture - These amenities are enchanted pieces of furniture and as such require the space and placement of a furniture item. A proprietor may create multiple Furniture Amenities of the same type though. Occasionally, furniture items have a synergy bonus when used in an appropriate room. Enchanted beds that provide sleep to the dead, grandfather clocks that can twist time, mirrored dressers that allow you to change your very identity, and divining mirrors are all here.

    Room - These amenities are specialized areas made to do certain tasks, either by themselves or assist in a human employing them. The general gist of a room amenity is that it is a dedicated workstation or place to perform a certain kind of task. Alchemy labs, kitchens, greenhouses, and observatories are all valid room choices. In their entries, they will always list a minimum Room requirements, spending that many rooms to assemble it. Occasionally, this amount increases, meaning to access higher quality requirements more room space must be allocated. Despite being called rooms, they do not always need to be sealed off by walls. Unless stated otherwise, you may only summon 1 copy of a Room at a time, though you may purchase another Amenity of the same name to have more Room copies.

    Hearthstone - These amenities are more like “addons” to the proprietor’s hearthstone and essentially add more abilities to it; they do not need to be built or created and are always existent. Applications that grant insight on the nature of magic, an intelligence boost to your hearthstone, and a converter to spend charge to restore wand or staff charges belong here.

    Renovation - These amenities are passive, generally “non visible” effects that apply to the entire property. Their key feature is that they are always enabled. Possible enhancements include making the whole house harder to see, giving it an awareness of its environment via magical awakening and more...

    Curiosity - These amenities are simple, handheld items weighing no more than 1 pound that are unique for their ability to be picked up and taken out of the property and employed by the proprietor or even given to someone else so that they may use it. At the start of each day, the proprietor may take up to his permanent Charisma modifier in curiosities from his property, spending an hour meditating on the items he has before taking them with him. He then receives their benefits for the rest of the day and may transfer these items to other friendly creatures as he deems necessary, usually people he likes. At the end of the day, the curiosity discorporates and finds itself back on the property even if lost or destroyed. Unlike other amenities, the proprietor may only create 1 curiosity for every curiosity he knows of at a time. Baubles that grant insight to the future, books about teaching men to employ magical wands and staves, a fancy sword made of glass that burns with terrible fire and more are here. The DC’s and caster level of any Curiosity are those of the person that made them, not the bearer of the item, though the bearer receives all other benefits.

    Service - These amenities are constructs or creatures bound to the property, created as needed. They perform tasks when needed or instructed to by anyone with the right certification. They usually have limited intelligence, enough to perform whatever it is they are made for. They also usually never stray too far from the property, though exceptions do exist. Golem bodyguards, spectral servants that clean and do laundry, and helper minions that will automatically load artillery as you needed are all here.

    Spoiler: Bare Necessities

    Bare Necessities
    School Universal
    All proprietors must be able to create and conjure very basic furnishings and appliances as well as have lighting the ability to light candles as a whim, or otherwise create magical light. It is a mark of shame to be unable to provide even the most basic needs. What good is your property if you cannot even use it.
    General - All of the functions of Bare Necessities are Basic level and unlock as such. However, the sheer quantity of thinks Bare Necessities provides requires that each category. All of the functions of Bare Necessities are free, barring the cost in time.
    Furniture - You are able to provide furniture ranging from dressers, chairs, mirrors, tables, create basic lamps, as well as stands, racks and sign boards of any valid size. This furniture tends to be rather simplistic though you can be more elaborate if you wish.
    Servants - You may conjure up as many as your level in Unseen Servants, though they can be made visible and have a specific form or appearance at your discretion. Servants cannot manufacture items.
    Tricks - You can create cheap magic tricks, such as through Prestidigitation
    Workstations - You may dedicate Room to a single task to create a simple, nonmagical, masterwork workstation, such as a blacksmith's forge, or fletcher's station, one for each crafting skill. By working at a workstation, you may create nonmagical goods as though you were a craftsman, except the cost for creating items is 1/4th their usual price.
    If you possess an Amenity that creates a magical version of the workstation, such as the Enchanced Smithy, you may, when it isn't used to make magical goods, have have it manufacture a physical good by itself with no other intervention from you, using your skills at the relevant crafting task, though you do not physically need to be present, though the property and the room still need to be existent.
    The Masterwork bonus for using a Masterwork workstation increases by +1 at level 5 and every 5 levels thereafter.



    Bath of Quick Recovery
    School Conjuration (healing)
    This tub will always make you feel better. It comes with scented soaps of your choice.
    Basic - At the cost of 1 charge, you may enchant a pool or water so that it provides a restorative effect on a single creature that is bathing in it for at least 10 minutes; at the end of this time period, the creatures benefiting from the magical bathwater are cleansed of as many of their conditions that the water can rid them of. A caster level check might be necessary for some effects. While bathing, effects that this magical water is attempting to cleanse are prevented from getting worse, though time spent in the bath doesn’t actually cause the affliction to “timeout”; their duration is effectively paused while the creature remains in it. At its most basic level, the bath may cleanse bleed, blindness, dazzled, deafness, fatigue, stunned. Once the creature has bathed in the water, the magic in it fades away and becomes otherwise mundane.
    Improved - As above but add confusion, curse, daze, disease, poison, exhausted, all fear effects, sickened. 1d4 points of temporary ability damage.
    Exceptional - As above but add, all temporary negative levels, one permanent negative level, all temporary ability damage, and all permanently drained ability attributes.
    Prestigious - As above but add, confusion, insanity and all similar effects, all permanent negative levels.

    School Necromancy
    Forced to carry around a dead body? Say no more, the deathbed takes care of that for you. We even have a model that helps get rid of the body by having it walk around.
    Basic - You may create a bed or mat for 1 charge. Corpses of creatures of up to large size when placed on the bed do not decay, as if under a gentle repose effect. If the corpse is removed from the bed, its decay resumes where it was previously held. If the property is dispelled, the creature’s corpse is taken along with the house and the Deathbed may be summoned again when creating a new property. Items on the corpse are not kept.
    Exceptional - In addition to its basic function, the bed may restore a dead creature to life. At the cost of 10 charge, the proprietor may raise the slain creature back to life. This functions as Raise Dead, but doesn’t have a material cost. The resurrection effect takes 8 hours to apply. The creature awakens from death well rested.
    Masterful - As exceptional, except the creature is brought back in 1 hour.

    Divining Mirror
    School Divination (scrying)
    Mirror Mirror, on the wall. Tell me, what what question will you ask it? What will you see
    Basic - This mirror provides answers and insight of the future. For each question, statement, or request you make, you must pay its 1 charge cost. At its most basic level, it provides insight on the area around you and about your immediate future, functioning Lay of the Land and Augury
    Improved - The mirror can show you people and distant images, functioning as scrying. You may talk to creatures in the mirror, as if using Message. By spending 1 extra charge, you know the alignment and the level of magic of the creatures you view, functioning as Detect Magic and all of the various Detect Alignment spells.
    Exceptional - The mirror may grant you an audiance with a higher being, functioning as Commune. The DM decides what this entity is. You may only ask it 1 question for every charge you expend, representing a gift of magic meant to solicit its aid.
    Prestigious - The scrying effect becomes much more potent. It functions now as Greater Scrying. All of the previous effects still apply.

    Dresser of Disguise
    School transmutation and conjuration
    A functional dresser and mirror that boasts a seemingly endless supply of clothes and make up the makes you difficult to recall.
    Basic - You may conjure any worn outfit and change your race, functioning as [i]Alter Self[i] and Disguise Self, except your clothing is very real. This change lasts for 24 hours and the outfit are permanent until you decide to remove your clothing, in which, the outfit crumbles away. Neither of these functions consume Charge.

    Kingly Throne
    Enchantment, Abjuration
    Least: Grants a +X bonus to Diplomacy and Intimidate checks to anyone sitting on it.
    Lesser: Anyone sitting on it is immune to charm and emotion effects, and gains a +X bonus to Sense Motive checks and to the DC of attempts to change their opinion- they cannot be swayed.
    Greater: Anyone sitting on it can as a free action have their voice heard out to a radius of 200 ft. Any auras they project have their radius increased to a similar range.
    Prestigious: Anyone sitting on it can replicate a suggestion effect at will.

    Kingly Throne
    School Enchantment/Abjuration
    This pristine looking seat comes with built in massage... and also some nice fancy loud speakers for when you want to drown out the competition. We have other options than thrones by the way.
    Basic - Sitting on this seat grants you an extreme amount of comfort, surety, more so than anything else... as long as you're sitting on it. The creature sitting on this throne gains 1/2 the proprietor's level as a bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive.
    Improved - Even the memory of sitting in this chair is good enough to make you feel good. You may spend 1 charge from your Hearthstone to make a creature sitting on the throne to retain the benefits of sitting on it for long after they left. For every minute they spent awake on the Throne, they receive 5 minutes of this chair's bonus. You spend the charge when the creature has stopped sitting on the chair. Up to a maximum of 24 hours.
    Exceptional - He also gains a +3 bonus to resist charm or emotion effects, so long as he sits on it.



    Alchemical Laboratory
    School Transmutation
    This advanced laboratory comes with its own bezoar stones and several crucibles and alembics to use to your heart’s content. Mix and match conjured reagents to see if you can. Alchemist friends you know will love working here in their spare time.
    Basic - Requires 1 Room. This counts as an alchemical lab as far as tool requirements are concerned; anyone working here receives a +1 insight bonus to craft (alchemy) checks. By spending 1 charge, you may conjure up your Intelligence modifier in alchemical goods individually worth 100 gold or less in around 10 minutes. This may be used as you see fit and be taken with you outside of the house. This concoction lasts 24 hours before it denatures and may not be sold for a profit.
    Improved - As above, plus once per day, an alchemist or other extract producing character may produce an extract that is not in her recipe book, ignoring the requirement that she know the recipe to create it. The extract created must be of a level lower than her highest infusion level and creating it expends an extract per day as usual. She does not learn or add the infusion to her recipe book and cannot learn about it through reverse engineering the extract; it was simply an experiment that worked.
    Exceptional - As above, but twice per day.
    Prestigious - As above, but three times per day.
    Masterful - As above, but four times per day.

    Chirurgeon's Ward
    School Conjuration (healing)
    The healer’s hut is a necessity in the adventurer’s lifestyle, as it is expected for one to encounter at least a few scrapes. To this end, this special room is given a small trickle of positive energy, not coming out in a big burst that rapidly knits flesh and bone, but boosts the body’s natural healing. All at a low price, mind.
    Basic - Requires at least 1 Room. Creatures that are within this room restore 1d8 hit points per hour.
    Improved - As above, but 2d8 hitpoints per hour.
    Exceptional - As above, but 3d8 hitpoints per hour
    Prestigious - As above, but 4d8 hitpoints per hour
    Masterful - As above, but 5d8 hitpoints per hour

    Dark Crypt
    School Necromancy
    A dark grave yard that is filled with necromantic energies, allowing souls to be interred and bound at the owner's leisure.
    Improved- Requires at least 2 Rooms. For each Room, 5 medium sized corpses with no magic items can be stored in a crypt indefinitely, their souls bound to it, functioning as a Soul Gem. Larger and smaller creatures require double the space for each size category above medium and half the size for each size category below medium respectively. When the Crypt is dismissed, souls and corpses within are along with it and those inside may not be revived or be sent to their final reward. If the Crypt has souls and corpses within it, you must always atemmpt to summon it. As a benefit though, they may be resurrected easily. Once per week, any given soul may be contacted as though Speak with Dead. Undead within the Crypt may heal as though they were ;iving creatures.
    Prestigious - A single soul at a time may be released from the Crypt, becoming a ghost, under your service. He may never leave the property and goes along with it when it vanishes, but is as powerful as he was in life. He must have hit dice equivalent to or less than your own. Destroyed ghosts are sent back to the crypt and are unable to be contacted during this time. Each day, you may change which soul becomes a ghost, causing the previous one to go to rest (though is not destroyed).

    Deluxe Kitchen
    School Conjuration (Creation)
    Much better than having to scavenge for food, the kitchen is almost always stocked full of things to eat and with a little bit of preparation can quench thirst and hunger.
    Basic - Requires 1 Room By spending 30 minutes cooking and preparing a meal, you may conjure enough food and drink to feed 1 medium creature per point of Intelligence for each charge you spend. Which means if you spend 2 icharge, the same 30 minutes could produce food for double the ammount of creatures. . The food isn’t particularly appetizing and your companions would if given the option rather eat somewhere else, but it’s free food and drink; it’ll fill most medium creatures for a day.
    Improved - Requires 2 Rooms.As above, but the food grants a +1 morale bonus to Will saves and attack rolls.
    Exceptional - Requires 3 Rooms. As above, but the food also grants 1d8+your proprietor level in temporary hitpoints.

    Deepwood Greenhouse
    School Evocation
    Go Green! This specially designed room can simulate the conditions to allow plants to grow.
    Basic - Requires atleast 1 Room and must be sealed from other rooms asside from doors. When summoned, select a biome; when this is done, the Greenhouse takes on the charactistics of the natural environment of the appropriate biome (tropics are hot and humid, frigid is cold and windy and so on). This allows plants compatible with that biome to grow. The proprietor may summon multiple Greenhouses, each Greenhouse may be set to different biomes or the same biome. If a Greenhouse is dismissed while growing a plant, that plant is resummoned the next time a compatible Greenhouse becomes available. Plants will only age and grow provided that the Greenhouse has been summoned for at least 8 hours.
    [B]Improved [B] Requires at least 4 Rooms. Characters that have class features that rely on being in a natural environment may treat the Greenhouse as a suitable terrain or environment for the purpose of activating class features. For instance the Green, Ranger's Favored Terrain bonuses are applicable, as well as the Interjection Herbalist's Find Plants class feature. The specific biome or terrain is chosen by the proprietor everytime he summons a Greenhouse.

    Enchanted Smithy
    School Transmutation
    Technically, it's an all purpose arms and armor workstation that can provide both wooden and metal tools, weapons, armor, and shields.
    Basic - Requires 1 Room. By spending 1 and waiting for 1 hour it's most basic level, the Smithy can produce masterwork weapons and armor automatically, with no need for human interaction. Such equipment is temporary at best however and lasts Charisma days.
    Improved - Requires 2 Rooms. A further expansion to the smithy grants it the ability to enchant magical arms and armor, as though the person operating it had Craft Magic Arms and Armor, with a caster level based on the Proprietor's level. The Proprietor can use Use Magic Device can instead of Spellcraft for crafting purposes.

    Additionally, the proprietor (but no other person) operating the Smithy may forgo 1 of the crafting prerequisites of the enchantment he plans to put on a weapon or armor with no penalty to the difficulty of crafting. Doing does mean that more material must be spent to offset the cost of enchantment; the crafting cost of items a preresiquite has been ignored is 50% higher than usual. The time to craft an item does not increase.

    If the Smithy is dismissed, crafting can resume when the Smithy is resummoned at no loss of time; the item to be made is assumed to be within the Smithy. If the Smithy is not summoned for atleast 8 hours in a day, no progress is made that day. If prerequisites are being ignored, the Smithy must have enough Rooms to ignore the number of prerequisites being ignored.
    Exceptional - Requires 4 Rooms. The number of prerequisites that can be ignored is 2.
    Prestigious - Requires 6 Rooms. The number of prerequisites that can be ignored is 3.
    Masterful - Requires 8 Rooms. The number of prerequisites that can be ignored is 4.

    Exotic Menagerie
    School Conjuration
    This wonderful little zoo features any number of exotic creatures you need.
    Basic - Requires atleast 2 Rooms. At the start of each day you may gain an animal companion, functioning as through you were a druid - 1 of your proprietor level. This animal companion is temporary and only exists for 24 hours, though you may pick a different one each time you summon it.
    You may pick from any valid animal companion for a druid, even those normally restricted to specific archetypes.
    Characters that gain a permanent animal companion class feature but have lost the specific creature that feature represents may solicit you for a valid replacement for no cost to either of you, after 24 hours after losing the creature.
    Animal companions made by exotic Menagerie are not bound to the property and may leave it.
    Improved Animal Companions you summon are Awakened, though still loyally follow you.

    Basic -
    Improved -
    Exceptional -
    Prestigious -
    Masterful -

    Basic -
    Improved -
    Exceptional -
    Prestigious -
    Masterful -

    Basic -
    Improved -
    Exceptional -
    Prestigious -
    Masterful -

    Temple to God of Your Choice
    School Divination
    This As Unoffensive to As Many Dieties As Possible temple room is designed to be as bare bones as possible to allow as many clerics and priests to pray at it. It may also be customized to tailor it to a specific deity. Disclaimer: Any smiting as a result of "defiling" this shrine are not covered under warranty.
    Basic - Requires 1 Room. Divine Spellcasters with Domain Spells may spend 1 hour here praying and meditating, once per day. Domain spells are cast a +1 caster level. Prepared casters may spend their preparation time here to gain this Temple's Benefits.
    Improved - Requires 2 Rooms. The entire property is under a constant Sanctuary or Desecrate, at proprietor's choice. Specific Rooms or areas may be exempt.
    Exceptional - Requires 4 Rooms The proprietor can spend 3 charge to cast Commune. He may choose to not cast the spell on himself but have it be cast on another party member.
    Prestigious - The shrine itself is filled with divine power. The shrine is under the effects of both [i]Hallow[i] and Unhallow. Creatures are only subject to one at a time, and the proprietor determines which applies to what creatures when they enter in, as a free action. You are alerted to what general type, HD, and alignment are when they enter for the purpose of making this choice.

    Vault of Extreme Avarice
    School Conjuration
    Bags of Holding meet their match. This special room filled with filing cabinets provides access to a special storage compartment that holds onto your belongings even when otherwise inaccessible. It also probably holds more than it should storage for its size. Demand is high.
    Basic - Requires 3 Rooms. The Vault allows for permanent storage within the property. Items left within the property when it collapses may be retrieved when the proprietor resummons or builds a new structure that can maintain the Vault. Items within the Vault may be retrieved or put in through any of the containers the property provides, provided the person retrieving or storing the item is permitted to do so and is doing so through an appropriate container. This allows for the proprietor to link cabinets meant for specific people so that they may retrieve the right clothes or for workmen going through the right supply closets. Another way to access items is to simply just go to the Vault itself and pick it up. This takes a full round action of searching and retrieving no matter how many items the Vault contains. Items in excess of the storage capacity are ejected as normal. If the proprietor dies, items in this storage are ejected around him in a gradual manner, that takes around his level in days to clear. Bags of holding and other extradimensional storage are not permitted in the Vault’s storage, though said bags may be emptied as a full round action by dumping it all into the Vault.

    If items are being crafted,, finished products are automatically transfered into the vault.

    The storage capacity of the Vault is practically infinite. The bottleneck is not in size or even weight, but in material wealth. The total storage of the Vault is measured in wealth or total networth of items in the storage unit. This means that coins, regardless of their actual weight can be store

    Certain extremely common, valueless items such as sand, dirt, or the like cannot be stored and if put into the Vault. It just simply gets spat out.

    The Vault may hold up to 50,000 gp worth of items.

    Improved - As above, but 250,000 gp worth of items.
    Exceptional - As above, but 700,000 gp worth of items.
    Prestigious - As above. but 1,500,000 gp worth of items.
    Masterful - As above, but 5,000,000 gp worth of items.

    [i]spoiler=Note to GM’s]I am very well aware that this is crazy amount of storage. This is completely offset by the fact that that in order to use it, the party essentially needs to spend an hour waiting for the house to finish to transfer any junk. Handy haversacks and bags of holding are more reliable as personal storage. Besides, a heavy cart can store 4,000 and anyone can take that for the cheap past a 5th level. Think of this like a portable heavy cart that goes more places but is more restricted.

    Wonderous Workshop
    School Transmutation
    This room is filled with strange arcane devices.
    Improved - Requires 3x3 (9 blocks) or 2x2x2 (8 blocks). While in this strange room, you or another creature can craft magical items as though you had Craft Magic Wonderous Item with a caster level based on the Proprietor's level. The Proprietor can use Use Magic Device can instead of Spellcraft for crafting purposes.

    Additionally, you, the proprietor (but no other person) operating the Smithy may forgo 1 of the crafting prerequisites of the enchantment he plans to put on a wonderous item with no penalty to the difficulty of crafting. Doing does mean that more material must be spent to offset the cost of enchantment; the crafting cost of items a preresiquite has been ignored is 50% higher than usual. The time to craft an item does not increase.

    If the Workshop is dismissed, crafting can resume when the Workshop is resummoned at no loss of time; the item to be made is assumed to be within the Workshop.
    If the Workshop is not summoned for atleast 8 hours in a day, no progress is made that day. If prerequisites are being ignored, the Workshop must have enough Rooms to ignore the number of prerequisites being ignored.
    Exceptional - The number of prerequisites that can be ignored is 2.
    Prestigious - The number of prerequisites that can be ignored is 3.
    Masterful - The number of prerequisites that can be ignored is 4.



    Intelligent Hearthstone
    This application grants the Hearthstone a rudimentary intelligence, advertised as a learning assistant and helper.
    Basic - Your Hearthstone awakens as an intelligent item. It is rather atypical for one. Firstly, it’s alignment is always the same to yours and it’s only priority is ensuring that you and your property are secured and safe; it does not dominate you like other intelligent items are won’t to do.. It speaks to you telepathically, has a 12 in Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma, and is considered as having ranks equal to your level in 1 knowledge skill of your choice, which it is proficient in.
    Improved - As above, but the mental attributes are now 14 each. It gains Detect Magic at will.. By spending 1 Charge, it can also cast Identify as the spell onto magic items..
    Prestigious - By spending 2 charge, it may cast Analyze Dweomer



    Obfuscate Dwelling
    School Abjuration
    The best security against magic is obfuscation and information.
    Basic - At the most basic level, the building and guests inside cannot be tracked or scented, functioning like Trackless Step. It may also be shrouded in darkness, as Darkness. These grant you some privacy.
    Improved - Magical observation effects over distance are registered when the property is probed. This is treated as Detect Scrying
    Prestigious - Scrying goes both ways. Successful Scrying attempts that occur in the vicinity of your property also give you a direct channel onto who is observing you, functioning as the same effect they performed. This effect overrides any defenses against Scrying they had.
    Masterful - A constant Mind Blank effect is put over the property.

    Self Destruct
    School Evocation
    Never let them take it without a fight.
    Basic - You may self destruct your property as a standard action. dealing 1d8+2 fire damage per proprietor level to all creatures within 40 feet of the property. Reflex halves the damage. Creatures that fail their saves are knocked back 10 feet and are set on fire which deals 1d4 damage every turn for every 4 proprietor levels. Once done, the property is self destructed and may not be reconjured for another hour. Creatures inside the Prison may be excluded from at your choice.
    Improved - You may choose an unusual damage type. Select from Fire, Acid, Cold, Electricity.
    Exceptional - You may choose to use Force or Sonic damage with self destruct. This reduces the damage to 1d6+1 per proprietor level.

    Siege Improvements
    School Transmutation
    Protect your home; upgrade your security system to be more lethal!
    Basic - This Amenity does nothing by itself. It requires you to own or possess a siege engine such as a ballista or a catapult. Any such weapons that are ontop of or mounted on your property are treated as though they possessed a +1 enchantment bonus. It automatically reloads itself once fired as though a single person was reloading it, provided it has ammunition somewhere nearby.
    Improved - This bonus is +2, and two people for reloading purposes. Such weapons gain Flaming, Frost, or Shock. May be changed with 1 hour of work re-calibrating.
    Exceptional - This bonus is +3 and three people for reloading purposes. Such weapons gain Impact or Keen depending on your choice. May be changed with 1 hour of work.
    Prestigious - This bonus is +4 and four people for reloading purposes. Flaming, Frost, and Shocking are treated as their Burst equivalents.
    Masterful - This bonus is +5 and five people for reloading purposes.

    Threshold Protection
    School Abjuration
    A simple defensive ward that shields the house and makes it clear that certain things aren't welcome, particularly supernatural threats.
    Basic - No non-humanoid or non-animal creature may pass through the doorway or walls of the house without permission from someone inside unless they make a Will save. This is not a mind-affecting effect and may influence undead and constructs. Should someone inside invite them in or make an attack against them (as defined in invisibility), they may pass through the doorway freely for 24 hours. They may always pass through the doorway when exiting. For the purposes of this ability, a creature being forced against his will is considered invited if the creature forcing him through is one of the residents, if the creature that is trying to force the first creature isn't permitted either, the second creature must make a Will save to force the first in. At basic level, only the proprietor himself may designate creatures.
    Improved - The proprietor can designate any number of creatures; at his option, none of those creatures, or everyone except for those creatures, can grant permission to others to pass through the threshold. Furthermore, creatures barred by the threshold must make a similar Will
    save in order to make attacks which pass through the threshold, or to attack the doorway.
    Exceptional - The proprietor can designate additional creatures; creatures designated this way are affected by the threshold as though they were one of the barred types. Creatures that fail their Will
    Prestigious - As an immediate action, the proprietor can cause the doorway to block line of effect against any effect he designates.



    Bottle of Dragon’s Breath
    School Evocation
    This flask of enchanted alcohol is sure to liven up any party.
    Basic - The bearer of this item receives a +2 Enhancement bonus to Charisma, which is treated as a temporary bonus. Once per day, the bearer may, as a standard action draw, drink the bottle, and let out a breath of hot flame. This is a 60 foot cone breath weapon attackthat deals 1d6 caster level damage, reflex halves. After using the Breath Weapon, this item becomes inert and no longer provides any benefit.
    Improved - The Charisma Bonus increases to +3.
    Exceptional - The Charisma Bonus increases to +4.
    Prestigious - the Charisma Bonus increases to +6.
    Masterful - The Charisma Bonus increases to +8.

    Bottle of Elemental Cold
    School Evocation
    This frigid bottle holds the purest elemental water there is at a high pressure state that it shouldn’t be in naturally. It is not safe to drink, hopefully it doesn’t explode.
    Basic - The bearer of this item receives a +2 Enhancement bonus to Intelligence, which is treated as a temporary bonus. Once per day, the bearer may, as a standard action draw and throw the bottle as a thrown splash weapon. This releases a 10 foot burst of pure cold that deals 1d6 per caster level damage to all creatures caught in blast, reflex halves. After releasing the elemental, this item is destroyed.
    Improved - The Intelligence Bonus increases to +3. The radius of the explosion increases to 20 feet.
    Exceptional - The Intelligence Bonus increases to +4.
    Prestigious - the Intelligence Bonus increases to +6.
    Masterful - The Intelligence Bonus increases to +8.

    Bottled Thunderstorm
    School Evocation
    This jar is filled with a raging lightning storm in motion. Unleashing it might provide a short lived tactical edge at the right time.
    Basic - The bearer of this item receives a +2 Enhancement bonus to Wisdom, which is treated as a temporary bonus.
    Improved - The Wisdom Bonus increases to +3. Once per day, the bearer may, as a standard action release the bottle, releasing the storm. This grants him the benefits of Call Lightning, in which he may as a move action call 3d6 lightning bolts to damage a single foe, Reflex half. After releasing the storm, this item becomes inert and no longer provides any benefit.
    Exceptional - The Wisdom Bonus increases to +4. This functions as Call Lightning Storm instead.
    Prestigious - the Wisdom Bonus increases to +6.
    Masterful - The Wisdom Bonus increases to +8. Lightning bolts deal 7d6 damage.

    Dragon Disguise
    School Transmutation (polymorph)
    This cartoonishly goofy outfit vaguely resembles a dragon. With a bit of paint, you can change the coloration to something more fitting. Putting it on changes more than just that.
    Exceptional - This costume can be donned in a minute, transforming the wearer into a dragon, as Form of the Dragon I, except the type of dragon you select is determined by the color of the this costume. The color can be changed by painting it. Only the proprietor who created this costume may benefit from it; the effect of this costume lasts for 24 or until the costume is removed.
    Prestigious - As above, except it can replicate the effects of Form of the Dragon II
    Masterful - As above, except it can replicate the effects of Form of the Dragon III. Other characters may wear it and gain the effects of Form of the Dragon I

    Genie’s Contract
    School Universal
    This item manifests a number of different ways, but commonly lamps and rings are the usual. It signifies a transferable agreement for a djinn’s favor in return for material.
    Masterful - As a standard action, the bearer may activate this item to conjure up an avaricious yet otherwise law abiding djinn who cares not for your concerns so long as he gets paid. By giving him either money or diamonds, he will grant a wish, as the spell. For most wishes, this is 25,000 gold. He may only grant up to 3 + the owner’s Charisma modifier in Wishes per day.

    Tonic of the Oaken Woods
    School Transmutation
    This flask is an exotic blend found only in the truly old woods. It promises fortification and endurance.
    Masterful - The Constitution Bonus increases to +8 and the enhancement bonus to natural armor increases to +7.

    Tonic of Pure Rage
    School Transmutation
    This flask is filled with a raging essence that just be being near it can make a man feel stronger.
    Basic - The bearer of this item receives a +2 Enhancement bonus to Strength, which is treated as a temporary bonus. Once per day, the bearer may, as a standard action drink the bottle. This grants causes him to Rage for a number of rounds equal to the creator’s Charisma. He gains a +2 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls and to Will saves for the duration. If he has the Rage or Blood Rage class feature normally, his benefits simply replace the benefits of the tonic. Once rage lapses, this item becomes inert and no longer provides any benefit; the Strength bonus still applies while raging.
    Improved - The Wisdom Bonus increases to +3.
    Exceptional - The Wisdom Bonus increases to +4. Prestigious - the Wisdom Bonus increases to +6.
    Masterful - The Wisdom Bonus increases to +8.

    Tonic of the Quicksilver
    School Transmutation
    This flask is a strange mixture of alchemical quicksilver is viscous and distorts light.
    Basic - The bearer of this item receives a +2 Enhancement bonus to Dexterity, which is treated as a temporary bonus.
    Improved - The Dexterity Bonus increases to +3. Once per day, as a standard actionthe bearer may drink the contents of the bottle and grant him the benefits of Invisibility as the spell. While he is under the effects of the invisibility effect, he retains the bottle’s benefit plus 1 round after he reveals himself. Once the invisibility effect wears off or is removed, the flask becomes inert.
    Exceptional - The Dexterity Bonus increases to +4. He may cast on himself Greater Invisibility instead, chosen at time of drinking the tonic.
    Prestigious - the Dexterity Bonus increases to +6
    Masterful - The Dexterity Bonus increases to +8
    Wands for Dummies
    School Universal
    This old book that teaches people to better apply the magic of wands.
    Basic - The bearer does not need to make a Use Magic Device Check to use wands
    Exceptional - This extends to Staves and once per day, the bearer may restore 1 charge to a staff or wand.
    Prestigious - As above, but restore 2 charges to a staff or wand.
    Masterful - As above, but restore 3 charges.



    House Guardian
    School Transmutation
    Your home defense needs to be strong and beefy… and needs to be as little maintenance as possible. All it takes is an order to make that happen.
    Basic - You gain a medium construct companion, which possesses construct traits and is treated as though it possess racial hit dice. It’s attributes are Strength 16, Dexterity 10, Con --, Intelligence --, Wisdom 12, Cha 1, possess your choice of 2 1d6 slam attacks or a 1d8 bite attack that receives 1.5 Strength bonus, a move speed of 20 feet, no ranks in skills, and natural armor bonus of +8 It possesses normal Construct hit dice, of which it has 2 on obtaining it, and all default construct traits including immunity to a number of effects. It may not leave more than 20 feet from the property. If the construct is destroyed, it disintegrates and needs to be reordered, taking 1 month.
    Improved - The construct’s HD increases to 6 and its natural armor bonus increases to +11. It may also wield any ranged weapons or melee you give it, obtaining the appropriate proficiency and adding dexterity to damage with nonseige ranged weapons. It also gains +2 to Strength or Dexterity.
    Exceptional - You may upgrade the construct to Large with the usual benefits or give it +2 to Strength and Dexterity. It is also possesses 10 HD and a natural armor bonus of +13. It also may choose to employ power Attack or Deadly aim
    Prestigious - It is also possesses 14 HD and a natural armor bonus of +15. It also gains another +2 to Strength or Dexterity.
    Masterful - It is also possesses 18 HD and a natural armor bonus of +18. It also gains another +4 to Strength or Dexterity.

    SIZE=2]Robot Butler[/SIZE]
    School Conjuration?
    This advanced construct isn't actually a golem, but some sort of advanced steam or electricity driven automaton with decent mental capacity.
    Basic - You gain a medium-sized construct companion. It has two racial hit dice, Strength 10, Dex 14, Con --, Int 4, Wisdom 10, Charisma 10. It has a 1d6 secondary slam attack with which it is not proficient, a 30 foot move speed, and a +2 natural armor bonus. The only feats which it can take are Skill Focus or Prodigy. Unlike normal constructs, it has all Perform, Artistry, and Profession skills as class skills. It cannot travel more than 20 feet from your property. If destroyed, it self destructs (fail safe to keep it from developing self awareness), and is replaced in one month. It can apply Prodigy to Artistry skills.
    Improved - The construct's HD increase to 6. Choose a mental ability score. That score is increased by four points. Furthermore, when it makes an Aid Another check to aid you with a skill, it grants a +3 bonus instead.
    Exceptional - The construct's HD increase to 10. Choose a mental ability score. That score is increased by four points. Furthermore, it gains an extra skill point per hit die.
    Prestigious - The construct's HD increase to 14. Choose a mental ability score. That score is increased by four points. Furthermore, you may direct it telepathically as long as it can see you.
    Masterful - The construct's HD increase to 18. Choose a mental ability score. That score is increased by four points. Furthermore, it gains a further additional skill point per hit die.

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