Inevitable, Zelekhut

Giant mechanical winged justice-centaurs wielding spiked chains? Let's see if we can reduce that +7 LA by a bit.

Zelekhuts are the weakest of all inevitables, tied with anhydruts (which are inevitables in name only) at CR 9 and 8 HD. They are large, with ogre-level strength and decent wisdom and charisma. Both land and fly speed are good, but average maneuverability may be a bit annoying. Because zelekhuts are shaped like horses, they are treated as having the Mounted Combat feat for the purpose of qualifying for feats (ask your DM if they can use these feats as if they were actually mounted: Spirited Charge is great).

There's of course the default features one might expect of inevitables: fast healing, SR, DR/chaotic... It's neat but not particularly noteworthy.

Then we get to the zelekhut's spiked chains, and things get interesting. They can apparently retract and extend the chains as free actions, and have one per hand (note that this makes them one-handed weapons). In addition, the chains both deal 1d6 extra electricity damage.

That said, the chains aren't that good unless you can somehow wield them two-handed or were going for an oddball TWF build anyway. Fortunately, a regular weapon can still be wielded just fine.

Finally, the zelekhut's SLAs. True Seeing at-will is still great, Dimensional Anchor ruins many a bad guy's day, and Clairvoyance/Clairaudience eliminates the need for scouting in 90% of cases (Lesser Geasing a mook to 'enter that room and loudly describe its contents' takes care of the 10%).

Taking into account melee power, spell-likes and miscellaneous abilities, I'll go with +1 LA for now.