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Presumably there's no actual charge. So instead, the bakers get back to restocking their shelves.
There is definitely some sort of tavern. Though instead of traditional alcohol they serve mixed, colorful, tasty drinks. Also it apparently seems to serve as more of a gathering place and restaurant than it does tavern, since guests are rare, and everyone living here has a house of their own.

Spooky Clearing

As the pebble flies towards the vampire, the entire clearing gets just a bit colder, especially just around the pebble. The end result is the pebble getting coated in several inches of ice before it reaches the vampire -- just in case it's set to explode or anything --, before the vampire swats it aside.
"Patronizing? I wouldn't dream of patronizing you."
Deepwood grumbled. He took a flight through the branches of the top of the trees, hiding.

He tried to sneak as best as he could and then jump on the vampire's back.