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    From the Bloodsteel Pen
    Alonia's Creations
    AKA Westhart, NothingAbnormal.

    Note: Coming back to the system, and reviewing/revising my old homebrew for everything from adding fluff to it, to checking over the mechanics, and finishing aspects of the 'brews (if not entirely reworking them). Thus, this posts formatting may change, as may the posts linked to it. Apologies to anyone effected (somehow I doubt I have to worry about that), I'll attempt to save old content that was posted as finished if I overhaul it.

    If you have comments for an old homebrew just PM me. Note: If it is in red it has not been PEACH'ed, or it needs to be redone/added onto.
    Base Classes
    The Mercenary: A powerful warrior that gains much of his power while under a business contract. Designed to be highly versatile.
    The Bard of Terror: Stronger bard, fear focused, more spellcasting... replaced by my minstrel as I did not like the way this one came out
    The Marksman: If he's seen you it's already to late.
    The Fencer: A master of swordplay and duels.
    The Minstrel
    The Warlock: All good 'cept for the abberation bloodline -.-'

    Prestige Classes
    The Master Enchanter
    The Storm's Daughter: Daughter of the storms, any who travel through the air should be weary.
    The Highborn: A person who has gained knighthood, and becomes a champion of his realm.
    The Shadow Death: A potent poison user with shadow dancer and assassin abilities.
    The Dawnstrider of Pelor
    The Lord Smith of Avefrule: Creators of mighty weapons and armors.
    The Traveler (Contest Entry; 4th Place)
    The Teslamancer
    The Cyromancer
    The Pyromancer
    The Baba Yaga: AKA The Boogieman
    The Illuminalmancer
    The Shadow Blade

    The Archangel: The Highest servants of the gods, true paragons of good.
    Accursed: Angels who left the upper planes after being marked by evil whilst fighting it.
    Slayer: A creature designed solely to kill, with no mercy.
    Fallen: Angels who were cast out of heaven for evil acts.
    The Elven Lords: Because everyone knows that elven lords are so much more powerful then regular ones.

    Fae Blooded
    The Primal: 'Animal/nature' Bloodline
    The Minotaur Descended
    The Vampiric: The unholy union of a mortal and a vampire.
    Lycanthrope Kin

    Alice's Fleeting Lover
    Olov's Coffin Trick
    Olov's Hung Man
    Olov's Egg Days
    Alice's Transfusion
    Elekor's Electric Shield
    Malevolent Teleport
    Mass Malevolent Teleport
    Utterance of the Stricken Name
    Binding Circle
    Improved Binding Circle
    Olov's No Show
    Olov's metamorphism
    Epic Spells Using Spell Slots
    Conjure Arrow

    The Below Thread has the latest feats, including those linked after.
    NA's Feat Compendium

    Feeder Spell: A quick metamagic feat, mostly for gishes.
    Stealthy Spell (Metamagic Feat)
    Background Feats
    Background Feats, Volume 2
    Tricks of the Road
    Minor Hedge Mage
    Hedge Mage
    Major Hedge Mage
    Lord of the Hedges

    Touch of Knowledge
    Eyes of the Seeker

    Open Minded

    Sadistic Bastard
    Oh, What A Gusher

    Great Cleave
    Legendary Dreadnought

    Spring Attack
    Steel Dervish

    Getting rid of ASF, Feats for the war wizard.
    War Mage, Novice
    War Mage
    War Mage, Master

    Part Time Scholar
    Weapon Focus
    Weapon Specialization

    Spell Penetration
    Spell Focus
    Augment Summoning
    Practiced Evoker
    Master Evoker
    Lord of Evocation

    Great Fortitude
    Enduring Body
    Once more...
    Improved Initiative
    Somethin's Up...
    Lightning Reflexes
    Iron Will

    Weapon Finesse
    Trench Fighter

    Animal Affinity
    Skill Tricks for Everyone! (Variant Rule)
    Changing Death at -10 HP (Variant Rule)
    Metal Refinements (Variant Rule)
    Thayan Mad Experiments: Was looking through some FR stuff and realized that while Red Wizards supposedly do all this experimentation what they actually had was... rather meager. This adds somewhat, but I feel it could use some more...
    Overlord Plate and Blades of Tyranny (Artifacts)
    Anarchy Claws (Artifact)
    Archer's last stand (Magic Ring)
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    Extended Signature

    Well, it seems that life has deposited me here, yet again. Hopefully this time I get to stay a while, as I intend on revising some old homebrew.