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    EdinoiZ's Extended Signature
    And also the final resting place of characters of games long past.

    Spoiler: In Memoriam All of my Characters here
    Chotan Tosho - ffd20 A Crystal Path | IC | OOC | He spoke in dodger blue #1E90FF

    Ylva Völundsdottir - 3.5 Mythos: Living Fortress | IC | OOC | She spoke in darkish blue #0066CC

    Kol 2.0 - A Game of Death | IC | OOC | He spoke in cadet blue #5F9EA0

    Meryl Aben, the Cheerful Sting - Alfuo, City of the Tyrant | IC | OOC | She spoke in dark slate blue #483D8B

    Halgr/Rasmus Eriksson - Saviours | IC | OOC | He spoke in the bling of Gold #FFA000
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    I'm able to post ICly at least once every other day, depending on my current schedule, if not more.

    Extended Signature (doubles as a memorial over characters from games long since passed).