"Vesper" Saranthael Ololo

ALIAS: Vesper

RACE/SPECIES: High Elf Vampire

AGE: 203 [30s]


CLASS/PROFESSION: Bladesinger Wizard

DESCRIPTION: Tall and willowy, it has been a long time since anyone has regarded Vesper Ololo as a “Lady.” The disfigured High Elf is covered in thick, velvety strips of cloth that cover every vestige of flesh and thus ultimately rendering the vampire genderless. She is tall, like most elves, sometimes donning Mage Armor or the occasional light armor from her latest conquests. Her eyes are the only part of her that show in their nakedness, the window within the head cloth revealing fiery brown eyes and a thirst for.. something unplaced. Making a point to hide her Nosferatu nature, she doesn’t reveal herself when she feeds, for she would need to take off her facial cloth. Beneath it lies a horrendous mouth without a cheek, showing a set of white tangs and even a pink tongue to the open air. She is unable to speak without causing an airy whistle about her syllables, and prefers telepathic magics instead. Beneath her many layers is a body of scorched flesh. A victim of a seeming pointless crime, she has taken her identity to the Bladesingers and has etched upon her marred skin the tattoos of the Red Tiger, her fighting style. All of this full of mystery, or lack there of, for the average Vesper Ololo appears to be the typical loner type, with a stereotypical hood and masked bottom half of her face. [Feel inspired in her looks by Scorpion from the academic game of Mortal Combat or Sheik from LoZ.]

Spoiler: Appearance

Pre Searing:

Current Mouth Disfigurement:

PERSONALITY: Sardonic and quick witted, the monster of a High Elf has long lost her taste for such things as the glitter of the adventurer’s life. She does not seek jewels or weapons, but rather power and knowledge. This has seeped into every aspect of her character, and while being a character once of high standing in Elfish nobility, she has long forgotten her place as a morally upright creature. She tends to look past the ugly and seek to find the true of creatures, much like dissecting a living thing. Her amusement are flippant but intense, sometimes leaving the High Elf years behind the rest of her company upon being absorbed in extensive projects or ventures.

Two silver lined scimitars, and a worn spell book at her hip— much older than the vampire herself.

ABILITIES: A skilled swordswoman, she uses two scimitars to ‘blade sing’ in battle. The power makes her extremely fast and agile, able to strike fluidly and fatally to an enemy at close range. This blade song only lasts for a few minutes per rest, and all other times she must assume the role of an average glass wizard. As a vampire, she is able to turn to mist, and drink from her enemy to regain health.

BACKSTORY: TLDR: A beautiful High Elf noble, destined to marry a handsome prince™, she was a victim of an evil sorcerer’s wrath. Being shunned by her family and fiance due to her newly scorched monstrous form, she sought the aid of a vampire to restore her disfigured body. Upon being sired, and realizing she had just made her defacement permanent, she traveled the world for a purpose, only to find it at home. The Bladesingers, a secret sect of golden elves that use the blade and magic as one, gave her training as one of their own, despite her scars and teeth. She is now a wanderer, and a student of the weave, looking for the next big thing to fixate upon.