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    Default Re: MtG - You Make the Card V: Untapped Potential

    Koth's Defiance - 1RR
    Instant - Rare
    Spoiler: image

    Desperation - As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a permanent.

    Koth's Defiance deals 3 damage to each attacking creature.

    If you sacrificed a Mountain to pay this card's Desperation cost, Koth's Defiance deals 4 damage to each opponent.

    A spark of resistance against a tide of corruption.

    Original Card

    Thinking of a set which is a return to New Phyrexia, with the Mirran resistance holding out in a few places against the Phyrexians, who control the plane and are looking to harness its resources to expand to other worlds. As the resistance's numbers are whittled down, the Desperation mechanic represents the survivors sacrificing their equipment and resources to stay alive. Desperation cards would have a benefit depending on what was sacrificed - so a shrapnel grenade might do more damage if an artifact was sacrificed. Some of them could be artifacts representing equipment salvaged from broken parts, or recovered golems and war machines patched into functionality with spare components. Desperation lets you get powerful effects but taxes your resources, so you never actually expand much / reach the power of the late game in favour of temporary benefits now because you need to, otherwise you're going to die. Primarily in red, white and black, since blue and green are heavily phyrexianized and also generally lean more towards long-term plans and growth rather than sacrificing their stuff for temporary gains.
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