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    Cool Stuff I've Done (Contact me for more info):
    -Proficiency in all skills and have expertise in 16 @ 13th
    -Have 5 companions to yourself @ 20th: Vhuman (MI:FF), Shadow Sorcerer, Beastmaster, etc.
    -Run at Mach 3.175+ @ 20th
    -Highest damage @ 3

    Spoiler: Quotes
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    Yes...keep thinking that... your doing absolutely fine...
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    Bah, it's just cookiethulhu brand. Insanely delicious.
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    Wait, are you telling us that he killed himself with his own Nat 20?
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    Extended Signature

    Co-Creator of the Fastest Character in 5e at Mach 3.175 (SR-71)!
    (Maybe 6.5 (X-15), or even 12.7 (1.33 saturn V's)! It's still debatable)