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Thread: Cursed, of Course: A Fantasy Comic

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    @IntelectPaladin For some reason the only parts I ever feel like discussing are those you white text over. strange. I'ma reverse the B/W out of spite.

    Quote Originally Posted by IntelectPaladin View Post
    It may not have be a combat scene, but still.
    An action scene, at last! Thank you, shoreward.
    Now, let's see if he(?) hit or missed.

    Also, the "her" that's mentioned could either be in the chest, or in that armor. Any clues?
    As usual, the level of detail is staggering, the humor is still humorous,
    and the comic is, as always, enjoyable and worth reading.

    Dang it, the cringe is back.
    Thank you for reading this, and I hope you have a better day!
    1. after examining the body shape of the armor, the "her" mentioned at the beginning very well could be the armored spearknight. it could be someone else, too, whom we haven't met yet, but in the absence of information That's where the clues are taking us.

    2. Your cring is justified. We already know he messed up, or screwed up, or that he otherwise led to his own downfall (this is a flashback afterall). The real question we're all dying to know is how exactly?
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