((I know I shouldn't, but: chain actions incoming! Feel free to interrupt.))


Bayside, the day before yesterday: a pixie man, clad in red chino pants, a bright blue shirt with "NPC" printed on it and tiny running shoes on his tiny feet, flutters through a poor apartment district. He's looking for Strawberry's apartment, and soon finds it. Just as he had anticipated, there's a full laundry rack on the pathetically small balcony. The pixie cuts a little hole into a bra, takes a small piece of paper with arcane symbols printed on it out of his pocket (which basically covers the entire front of his shirt. Everything is bigger when you're small.) and hides it in said hole. Then he leaves.

Civiron's Realm, now: Fluttering through the portal comes the pixie guy. He doesn't stop or look around, but heads straight towards the lake, as he fears that doing so might attract Civiron for a little chit-chat. When he reaches the lake, he flies over it and upward for a few dozen meters. The pixie stops and takes a densely printed ticket out of his pocket. It's a teleport-swap spell in print form. He rips it in half, the spell takes effect and he is gone, replaced with the bra Strawberry. She's wearing a long, modest dress with long sleeves and a floral hijab. Also, she is (or was) asleep and doesn't notice her fall until she almost hits the water.