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    Default Re: The LA-assignment thread II: Where The Em Dash Doesn't Exist


    Apologies for the recent post-sparsity.

    Lizardfolk are another of those low-HD humanoid races, with 2 humanoid hit dice (ugh). They enjoy bonuses to strength and constitution, which are partially compensated by an intelligence penalty. Lizardfolk also have a remarkably large natural armor bonus, exceeding the one possessed by monitor lizards and crocodiles.

    Furthermore, lizardfolk have proficiency with simple weapons and shields, get a racial bonus on three uninteresting skills (which are also their only class skills), and have three natural weapons. Kobolds are still better at precision damage-stacking, and darfellan at adding bites to your two-handed attacks.

    Lizardfolk support is nonexistent. The closest thing is Dauntless, but that can be selected by several other races as well and is arguably worse than the feat it's supposed to replace.

    Considering the lack of exclusive abilities and inferiority to most default options, I think a LA of -0 is justifiable here.
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