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    Quote Originally Posted by Mee
    Larger than a breadbox, smaller than the Death Star

    Grace nods in agreement, before doing some sort of action that can best be described as looking like she's pulling on a pair of pants while remaining sitting on the ground. It's as graceful as it sounds.
    No satellites is a very safe bet, though if someone brings it up with her, I'm sure Civvy would try to come up with something.

    The area around the lake is much as expected. Tall vegetation, some trees, more flowers, a few clearings, but it should still be fairly easy to spot that there is a town in the distance, and a forest off in another direction.
    "Well that makes it more confusing."

    "Hey, can you see that town over there?" Strawberry points a finger. "Looks kinda like early industrial age. The people there should probably know where this is, don't you think? We..." This is the moment she realizes there's a long stretch of dry land between the lake and the town, and her wheelchair is obviously not nearby. "I mean, you could go and ask them, right?"
    She feels a little trapped, like a man on an island or a mermaid in a lake or something.
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