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"Hey, can you see that town over there?" Strawberry points a finger. "Looks kinda like early industrial age. The people there should probably know where this is, don't you think? We..." This is the moment she realizes there's a long stretch of dry land between the lake and the town, and her wheelchair is obviously not nearby. "I mean, you could go and ask them, right?"
She feels a little trapped, like a man on an island or a mermaid in a lake or something.

"Iiiii- . . . no. No not really. I just see mostly trees and bushes and things." Grace is, at least, trying though! Standing on her tip-toes and everything. "I-I could. But it seems kind of rude to just leave you here?" She asks, somewhat confused. Apparently she hasn't caught on yet to the mermaid aspect of Strawberry yet.

Civvy, however, has! So Strawberry's own wheelchair might not be nearby, but there's a sort of wheelchair looking hovering thing that is mostly pink that could be used as a wheelchair. It even has a note, that reads 'To Strawberry~ <3'.

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"That... horrible.' Deepwood said with sympathy, honestly look sad hearing that.
"So, when did you ended up here? Your story shouldn't make you... terribly hopeful. Should it?"
"Sure there is." Naku admits with a bit of a shrug. "You can hope that you can make a difference. You can hope that there is a tomorrow. You can hope that, even if you fall, you can help your friends make it out. There's plenty to be hopeful for."
And then she realizes that, really, that didn't explain much.
With a bit of a sigh because she's about to talk about something she knows nothing about, Naku continues, "Have you ever heard of Batman?
I'll admit, I haven't really, but someone said there were some similarities between us. So after I got . . . bitten,"
she waves a hand idly at her the side of her neck, as she tried to avoid saying the word, "I spent the next few years entirely on my own. Using the vampires' own powers against them,
and trying to help any of the last humans I could find from the shadows. I couldn't exactly go be sociable, because I am a vampire, and nothing would stop them from attacking me, but a few of them caught on to what I was doing.
Naku stammers just a bit, almost embarrassed to continue. "Well. I kind of got turned into a symbol of hope for the people that knew. I was out there, in the dark, keeping a watch on them, and trying to help. Sort of a . . . a guardian angel, if you will. I was, was basically the last thing standing between the last of the humans, and extinction.

And now I'm here."
Naku ends the story with a bit of a shrug.