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    Grace is busy looking for the town, Strawberry blinks - and suddenly, a pink chair-thing appears with a poof of equally pink smoke and little hearts, not quite timed witht he blink. Now it just kinda hovers there, at the lake shore ((because it was never specified when, where and how it showed up, so I picked the most fun option)). Strawberry blinks again. It's still there. She reads the note from afar - and is terrified. Someone is masterminding this, having teleported her and that woman to this lake, teleporting in a floating chair just when she was about to need a wheelchair, and even knowing her name. Also, that heart behind the name strikes Strawberry as rather creepy.
    Sho she does what soldiers do when something sudden and unexpected happens: shout "Watch out! Behind you!" at Grace and hide, in this case underwater.

    Assuming that nothing bad happens to her down there or Grace up there, Strawberry will pop her head above the surface again after about 10 seconds.
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