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Reed Bywater stood awe-struck at the entrance to Autre. He had heard tales of the place, but this was his first time seeing it, and it was just as incredible as he had been told. He paused for another moment before continuing along the road to the palace. Halfway there, a child asks to pet his mount. Reed whistled, and the Pterodactyl swooped down from the sky and landed by the child, who stroked it happily before running off. Eventually he reaches the gates - fourth of seven, it seems.

"Greetings all."

He continued to look at the buildings around him, paying only slight attention to the others.
Hello! Dwilla replies, taking a moment to look away from Whisper.

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Whisper nods respectfully at the Aasimar, a rare sight for her eyes.
Then her eyes get drawn in by the halfling, another rare sight. First her eyes widen at the unexpected almost-hug, then she offers a nervous yet sincere smile under her cloth mask. "I'm good, just not... used to the brightness. And constant daylight. It's odd for one from Umbra."
Then another halfling arrives on the scene and she nods at him as well. Only on the markets did she see them from time to time, as those were the most 'light-flooded' places those without darksight would frequent. Whisper wondered who else would show up for their little party as she watches the three arrivals curiously.
Fair enough. Well, Dwilla says, offering her hand out to shake (since the hug seemed to come as a shock) I'm sure you'll adjust before too long. And if not, Kirinen can find someplace nice and dark for you to relax in.

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"Haha, they kind of asked for it. And hey we need to see what the new generation is made off every now and then, they are the future after all. One day these lands will depend on them! It really warms my heart to see you here Dwilla. I never did get the chance to thank you. If you and your team hadn't found that miracle cure six years ago, I wouldn't be standing here today." Aéquitas said smiling at her.

Then looking a bit more seriously he placed his hand on her shoulder and added: "This world needs more miracles. Thank you Dwilla."

As he walked back to take his place next to the gate, he muttered a small prayer for her under his breath.
After shaking Whisper's hand, she turns to face Aéquitas, saying Still, meanie! with a chuckle. When the man turns more serious, though she offers a warm smile up to him. Thank my whole family, Aéquitas. We all worked hard on it, and we're proud to be able to help people. But still-nice to be appreciated.