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Thread: Red Flags for Players?

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    So in summation keep an eye out for:
    -Character concepts that don't fit the setting.
    -Evil or Chaotic Alignments
    -People who think they can get/be anything they want so long as it's in their backstory.
    -Split personalities
    -Lone wolves
    -Control freaks
    -Wanting to kill innocent NPCs for their gear.
    -Multiple templates
    -Overly silly character concepts
    -Pretty much anything involving sex
    -Disinterest in character creation
    -New characters without forewarning.
    -Not knowing the rules (In general or of their specific abilities)
    -Purposefully trying to break the game/setting.
    -Arguing with DM ruling mid-session.
    -Lack of character investment
    -Fudging dice rolls
    -Falling asleep/not paying attention during sessions.
    -Not updating their sheets in between sessions.
    -Murder Hoboing
    -Overly odd people that may not mesh well with the group (really only comes up when playing with strangers)
    -Hogging the spotlight
    -Special snowflakes
    -Monstrous characters
    -Using alignment as an excuse
    -Anything PvP (Stealing, killing, etc.)
    -Excessively long backstories
    -Pitifully short backstories
    -Not reading the setting material
    -Overly focused on character concept regardless of whether such a thing is supported by the system or setting.
    -Inability to separate characters from themselves (i.e. seeing penalties/attacks against character as personal attacks)
    -Missing sessions
    -Characters playing 'for the lulz'/Troublemakers/Torchdroppers
    -Personal relationships spilling into the game.
    -Males playing only female characters (or vice versa)
    -New character is reincarnation/relative of old character.
    -New character is same/very similar to previous character
    -Using "my character would do that" to be a ****
    -Takes excessive amount of time to take turn (Ex: A wizard who has to look up spells every turn because he didn't make a quick reference)
    -MLP avatars, apparently
    -Characters significantly lower powered than the rest of the party.
    -Refusing to advance the plot
    -Jerks OOC
    -Calls for realism, in a game with giant flying lizards that breathe lightning
    -Not heeding the advice of experienced players/DMs
    -Doesn't understand the concept of multiple valid play styles.
    -Heavy Metagamng
    -Bad Hygiene
    -Obsessed with immersion
    -Language barriers
    -Not following through on session 0 Character concept without informing the group until the last minute.

    Many of these can probably be combined so I may edit it down some.
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