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Thread: Red Flags for DMs?

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    so in summation keep an eye out for:
    -Massive amounts of houserules
    -Not actually playing the advertised system
    -DMs forced into the position
    -Banning pretty much anything, unless there's a setting reason for it
    -Allows everything
    -Disallowing Evil alignment
    -Low magic/fantasy
    -Gritty realism
    -Fumble rules
    -Anything involving sex
    -Long episodes of narration with no player agency
    -Arbitrary rules changes
    -DM refers to them selves as God
    -Plans to turn campaign into a novel
    -Has run the campaign before
    -Multiclass penalties
    -Low point buy
    -Rolling for stats
    -Nerfing mundanes
    -Edition favoritism
    -Allowing personal relationships to spill over into the game.
    -Actively trying to make the paladin fall.
    -Banning options for only the players.
    -Lack of system mastery
    -Talks about previous bad players
    -Excessively high DCs
    -Campaign is nothing but fights
    -Pulling ideas from a video game/movie.
    -Long fights
    -Overly invested in the story (often leading to railroading)
    -Inability to improvise
    -Bad grasp of alignment
    -Core only
    -Excessive use of Rule 0.
    -Not tailoring encounters.
    -Tailoring encounters to specifically mess with the players.
    -Reducing player agency in any way
    -Ignores rules in favor of Rule of Cool
    -Doesn't backtrack when player are uncomfortable
    -Expecting the CR system to actually be balanced.
    -Overpowered NPCs
    -NPCs are idiots
    -DM becomes agitated when things don't go right.
    -DM more interested in telling a story than playing a game.
    -things happen at the dramatically appropriate time / in the most dramatically appropriate way
    -Level 0
    -Prebuilt Characters
    -All players must take X class
    -Not explaining/writing down houserules
    -fudging dice rolls
    -Doesn't listen to player complaints
    -Quests for class features
    -Spontaneous Houserules
    -Disallows the 'Take a 10' rule
    -Makes the character look incompetent
    -Doesn't understand the concept of multiple valid play styles
    -Use of the term 'Rollplayer(s)'
    -Attempts to stop you from reading books
    -Cliché plot hooks
    -Unbalanced plots (all intrigue, all combat, etc.)
    -Mary or Gary Sue NPCs
    -Requiring rolls for easily done tasks.
    -Making you pull teeth for information NPCs would reasonably just tell you.
    -NPCs take the spotlight
    -'Survival' games
    -Using custom classes available to the NPCs but not the PCs
    -No experience as a player
    -Bad hygiene
    -Obsessed with immersion
    -Language barriers
    -Starting with ridiculously high stats
    -Allows Massive LA Buyoffs
    -Thinks the PCs don't matter
    -Session long Player-NPC interaction sequences
    -Retroactively changing rules.
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