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Kendra smiles once more, before pulling her hood back up. Apparently, that's all it takes for her voice-change thing to work.

"Take care, both of you."

A whisper of winds swirls around her, before she takes off, flying straight up, then abruptly changing direction, heading for, and then through, the portal.
Civvy waves at Kendra as she goes. Then turns to Grant, with an eyebrow raised. "So, oh. Oohohoh. I had a thing for this.

How does the song go,"
Civvy continues after a moment, with a bit of a doofy grin "'back in the saddle again'?"

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[the L-word]

Strawberry doesn't catch it. She swims around the chair once or twice, checking for anything suspicious, and also the chair's propulsion system, whatever it may be.
If everything's alright, she draws a deep breath of courage, grabs an armrest and seemingly effortlessly pulls herself out of the water, into a sitting position on the chair. With her full body now visible, it should be fairly obvious that she's not human.
"Well, good thing it doesn't tip over."
[But not that L-word]

There's nothing suspicious about the chair at all! Aside from that it's a pink-themed hover-chair with plenty of internal stabilizers so it won't tip unless the person sitting in it tries very hard to tip it. That said, one thing Civvy did seem to forget was a self-propulsion system.

"Oooh. And you're not human. Huh. Neat!" Grace comments from her safe distance away from the water.