Alias: none

Gender: Male

Age: 84

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Class: Biologist 5, Gunslinger 5, Fighter 5

Description: A loud clanking noise permeates the doorway towards the hustle and bustle of Skyside. A figure almost entirely encased in what appears to be a purple metal suit walks into view. He's almost seven feet tall, dwarfing most people who walk by him. His head is covered in a half yellow half gray helmet with no features except two eye holes and three lines that gave hint of a scorched mouth. His metal suit's torso is purple, with pink wires running all throughout it. His arms are black with three spindly, robotic fingers poking out at the end of the arm. His legs white, and entirely mechanical. The knees bend in the opposite way a normal man's do, and instead of feet are four spindly, robotic tendrils much like the one's that compose his fingers.

A voice that seems to be a cross from John Cramer and Ultron speaks four short words: Looks like I'm home..

Personality: Loves seventies music, loves genetic manipulation to accomplish his goals, and doesn't really refrain from killing if necessary. Is always on the job.

Equipment: Hand Gun (literally), arm stored energy sword, numerous bacterial viruses, a radio with the greatest hits of Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, and Steelers Wheels.

Abilities: Aim: Okay, but not that great; Swordplay: Nearly perfect; has a serious OCD problem in specific fields and has a real fear of magic (It is what put him in the robotic suit)

Backstory: Jonas was a biologist of the highest caliber. He could cure a flu patient in days, he could genetically alter the composition of a blind man's eyes so he could see again, but he could not cure the one disease that had stumped man for centuries: cancer. During Jonas's late seventies, he caught a bad case of lung cancer. He started to research it in full in a space facility in the nexus. He came close to a cure at one point, but someone had interrupted his studies. An elven man had come to the station requesting asylum from an alien force. Jonas granted the man's request, but he paid the price. The alien creatures burned the flesh from Jonas's bones, nearly killing him. Both the aliens and the elf fled, leaving Jonas to rot. The automatic staff (robots) gathered the steaming carcass up, and locked his brain into a suit of mechanical armor. This drove Jonas near insane, and gave him the desire to annihilate the ones who did this to him. Instead of helping people with his genius, he found ways to wage genetic warfare never before seen. He found the alien species that ruined his life as a human being, and caused an extinction event of the aliens, and any species that were even remotely linked to them. Jonas expanded his range, and made a brutal mercenary corporation called the Alien Defense Unit (Though this was only a lie, the ADU was just a place Jonas could do his genetics work).